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Blessed Birthday

Updated: May 16, 2020

It was a long week (energy was quite high amongst all the young children I work with; pair a full moon, Friday the 13th, and the week before the winter party/winter break, and you should gain an inkling of what I'm referring to). Regardless, Friday was my birthday. While I didn't do all that much personally for my birthday (between before care, classroom work, after care, and babysitting afterwards, there wasn't much time left in the day). Even so, I was surprised by my co-teacher getting me a bunch of goodies for my birthday (presents, ice cream cake, and flowers). Many coworkers and students wished me a happy birthday. In before care a kindergartner kept running up to me, jumping into my arms, and shouting, "Happy birthday!!" (I kid you not, she did this easily 40 times during the span of before care). The kids I babysat got me pizza and cake (when their parents got back, I heard that they were super ticked off that their parents forgot to get my presents--apparently they had sat down and planned out every detail about my presents and birthday dinner last month). We got to make crafts while we waited for pizza (Papa John's was struggling hard on Friday night. Not sure what exactly happened, but it was supposed to be there shortly after I arrived. Didn't arrive until an hour and forty-five minutes later--the kiddos were not happy about that). I had my besties sing me Happy Birthday. My parents got me Painter (I was thinking about trying it out for art projects; it'll be fun to explore the program).

Saturday was full of organization and holiday prep. Stores were quite full. Saturday night I got to treat myself to a yummy dinner (mac 'n' cheese for the win) and watch some of My Hero Academia season 4 (there are many, MANY characters to love in My Hero Academia--Shoto was my original favorite--but I think Tamaki Amajiki is my new favorite; I can relate to him on so many levels. One that stands out to me is my ability to see how talented my besties are; I'm not as good seeing it in myself and have my talents/skills pointed out to me by my besties constantly. Honestly, I just want to give Tamaki a hug--and Shoto--because it feels like he needs it). Afterwards I worked some more on my puffie drawings while listening to empowering music (some songs included: "Reason" by Unspoken, "Thrive" by Casting Crowns, "Open Up the Heavens" by Meredith Andrews, "Not Today" by Hillsong United, "Overcomer" by Mandisa, "Help is On the Way" by Unspoken, "Today is Beautiful" by David Dunn, "You Got This" by Love & The Outcome, "Burn the Ships" by for KING & COUNTRY, "Let It Rain" by Crowder, "Even Then" by Micah Tyler, "Everything" by TobyMac, "Be Blessed" by Yolanda Adams, "Up Again" by Dan Bremnes, "It's Not Over Yet" by for KING & COUNTRY, "Stronger" by Mandisa).

Sunday was full of bestie time. It was mostly hanging out (we had plans on going places, but a snow storm pushed us to change our plans). Little Iris kept barking like a dog, snorting like a pig, running, jumping, being silly, playing in the snow, trying to eat all the huge snowflakes descending from the clouds, and just being so gosh darn cute (i.e. she wanted to open some vitamins; when turning the cap didn't work, she started hitting it with her toy hammer in hopes of opening it). We shared yummy pizza and cheese bread. We talked about life and our plans (for being creative, life in general, and making a difference in the world). We watched some empowering videos (about stopping doubt, conscious living, turning thoughts into reality, etc.). Corliss shared some super cute videos created by PUUUNG ( The videos are cute beyond words, and they just make me smile. Not going to lie, I want to binge watch all PUUUNG's videos now; I might be doing that tomorrow morning (so far, my before care has called off school, so my morning will be a bit more free). A lot of what we talked about was just on focusing on being happy and DOING what makes us happy. Make the most out of life, and live a life with no regrets!

This week was full of chaos, but it was also full of so much love. I'm truly blessed to have so many sweet, caring individuals in my life. I may not have been able to do anything to celebrate with my friends until Sunday, but that's fine. There's no rush; making the most of each day and appreciating all the little (and large) gifts you receive from life is worthwhile.

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