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Bitterly Cold Winter and a Snow Day

I hope everyone's been doing well and that if you're in an area like mine that you're staying warm! The cold has been no joke; winter is definitely here with its icy grip. It's definitely had me wanting to be in "hibernation mode" and not leave the house (Tsuki's been sleeping a lot more lately, too). Winter is definitely a good reminder to balance action and rest. So often in today's society everything is constant go-go-go. If we stay on that path, though, it just leads to fizzling out and burnout. Remember to take time out for yourself and fill up your own cup. You'll feel so much better if you do.

I actually could remember things from my dream when I woke up on Monday, which was a pleasant surprise. From what I could recall, I was in a school. Seemed to be similar to my high school, but I’m not sure if it was the exact same place or not. I think weird things had been going on with the schedule for whatever reason. Everyone around me started panicking for some reason. I got confused. I think they had been freaking out because some god was showing up? They seemed really scared. I ended up sitting down (either on a bench or the floor—can’t remember which), and I felt a bit uneasy (not sure if it was due to everyone else’s emotions, the “god” showing up, or what). So, the roof/ceiling ended up being lifted up almost as if the school was a doll house. The god being (or whatever it was) was massive and peering down at us. Everyone else was so freaked out. I just kind of sat there, chilling. The god being seemed to have the appearance of a male, but no idea if it actually was or not. This god being shrank down seeming to want to interact with us. Came right up to me, too. I just kind of chatted with the god being while everyone else seemed to be losing their minds. The god being ended up taking me to what seemed to be a restaurant or something and like tried to get me to do stuff (don’t really remember what, but I didn’t feel like doing it). I ended up doing some arts and crafts instead (at the restaurant of all places—no idea where I got it from). The god being couldn’t understand me (lol) and was so confused. I’d just chat while doing my art stuffs. I think I ended up getting the god being to do stuff without even trying. Seemed like by the end of the dream, they had a complete change of heart, so to speak, and wanted to like get to know humans and be nicer to them and all. Also seemed like the god being was fascinated by me (maybe because I wasn’t scared of it/him/them?). It was quite the interesting dream.

I was able to sleep in some due to the boys getting a snow day on Tuesday, which was nice. I didn't particularly want to get out of bed because it was still so flipping cold. It was so nice and cozy in the blankets. No idea what transpired in the dream realm, though. Not sure if on these nights it's because nothing actually happened or if it's just that my memory can really suck (lol). I got out of bed okay on Wednesday (but that's likely because I felt the pressure of needing to be somewhere); it was still hecka cold out. I was also feeling a bit lethargic, but that comes with the territory of not feeling tired until the wee hours of the morning and needing to be up early. No idea what occurred in the dream realm. Maybe nothing--who knows?

I slept alright Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I think I had a dream about chatting with people and waking up to messages, but the details were pretty fuzzy. I woke up Friday morning kind of wanting to stay in bed (the cold's no joke). Sort of felt like something important happened in my dream, but I had no clue what. I might have been talking to people? Details were too fuzzy. Dream recall wasn't any better when I was awoken by banging on Saturday, but I did get to just chill in bed and stay snuggled with the blankets, which was so nice. It was a pleasant change from having to get up, venture out into the bitter cold, and take care of things. Relaxed mornings/days are so nice.

Even though I could sleep in, I didn't end up getting too much sleep this morning. I ended up waking up at 8 am after a dream and being unable to fall back asleep. It was kind of an uneasy dream, and I'm pretty sure I don't even remember everything that happened. But it sort of had this kidnapped against your will vibe. There were at least two other people there with me. This older lady (not old by any means) seemed to be in charge (or like the one that wanted things to be that way?). She kind of reminded me of the Witch of the Waste from Howl's Moving Castle. Her energy was rather ick. She came into the room eyeing us up and down and had a fork. This one guy seemed desperate for her attention, like he wanted to be her plaything or something. Literally made no sense to me, but he seemed to desperately crave it, like it was the sustenance of his soul or something. The lady seemed very focused on me, though. I really wanted no part in it. Whole nasty vibe to things, and she had a definite certain kind of appetite. She basically started threatening to not to try to escape or else. I thought to myself, "Well, eff this. I don't care what you say." She ended up leaving the room for whatever reason. I then decided to be smart about it but pull out my phone to get help. Not sure if I called 911 or texted or what, but after I did that, I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Kind of felt like the wake up was a version of "getting help." Made me wonder if more things would have happened if I had ended up falling back asleep.

The boys were excited to have Monday off from school. Can't say they were excited for the continued cold streak. Winter can be ridiculous. They were also excited to have school canceled on Tuesday; there was some snow, but it could have been canceled due to the cold. Not entirely sure for why, but they were happy about it regardless. They didn't look forward to going back Wednesday, though. The bitter cold made everybody pretty slow and groggy. The boys were definitely less chatty this week due to the cold, but we did get into conversations about their classes; the younger brother wants to take honors chemistry and was asking me about what I remembered from when I took chemistry. He's also really happy with his cooking class and how his group's cookies turned out the best. The boys heard that there's potentially going to be snow on this upcoming Monday, so they're hoping for a snow day.

Tsuki was feeling the winter cold this week and enjoyed plenty of cozy cat naps and lounging by the fire. Even so, she was still her typical playful self, playing with water in the sink, trying to climb me, attacking my legs/feet, and having a grand time. She is definitely one for antics and shenanigans. Plus, she loves some good birdwatching. Life is definitely more interesting with her around.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

This week I created more new content for Creativity Chronicles as well as YouTube shorts, so feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

No matter what life throws at you, you matter and you are worthy of happiness, laughter, and love. Be gentle with yourself and show yourself some TLC. It's okay to take your time. It's okay to not have all the answers. It's okay if you have struggles and challenges. You're human. All you can do is your best. It's okay to be the work in progress; your story isn't finished yet. You can improve. You can learn. You can grow. Your chapter one won't be your final chapter, so don't sell yourself short. You'll achieve incredible feats, even if it takes you a little bit longer than others. Your journey is uniquely your own, so don't get caught up in the comparison trap. You've got this! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Food for thought for the week includes:

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