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Birthday Celebration~

I hope everyone is doing well! It's hard to believe another week has come and passed; time feels so surreal and wonky. I was discussing with my friends about how time doesn't feel real, and while I know time is passing, it doesn't feel like it. One of my friends mentioned she hasn't really felt like she's aged since she turned 16; around 18 is the last time I felt like any birthday held significance. Energies have seemed to calm down a bit, which is nice. It was a busy week full of babysitting/tutoring, taking care of the boys' new puppy, writing, art, hanging out with Tsuki, and some intense storms. The thunderstorms got super intense, and there was even a tornado. Thankfully, everyone was safe and sound, but people did end up losing power. This week was special because we ended up celebrating April's birthday some; the thunderstorms and tornado definitely altered our plans, but we still had fun.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy when I woke up on Monday, but that's probably in part from going to bed rather late the night before. I didn't get all that much sleep, but I was fine with it since it was my choice to stay up. I had fun, anyhow. I think I had been questioning things in the dream realm and trying to get to the bottom of things. More definitely happened, but that's the gist of what I could remember.

My dream seemed to be about time and feelings Monday night/Tuesday morning. Specific details were fuzzy, but it seemed really important. I was in some group that was walking around outside somewhere, and I think we were traveling. Not sure if we were trying to change things, heal, or preserve things. Maybe all 3? We seemed tasked with a very important role, though.

A lot seemed to happen in my dream from Tuesday night. The first thing I could remember was being at a school. I was in a gym (I think the one from elementary school) and one of the middle school P.E. teachers was there. We were putting on some kind of play/performance. A small group of 4 people represented the seasons; I was one of them. I think I represented either winter or spring--the details are hazy. I think I was both my current age and a child for the performance. Something seemed to happen at the end of the play/performance; I think I mis-stepped or something and ended up rolling off the stage or something. No one seemed to notice.

The dream transitioned as I left the gym, and I ended up in a play place. There were a lot of people at the play place, up in the play equipment and just hanging around the room. It started filling up with water for some reason. Most people didn't seem to notice. I was kind of concerned, so I opened up one of the doors and noticed that someone else opened up the other door. That seemed to help the water drain. I left the play place and wound up in the restaurant portion of McDonald's. I saw Corliss, and she was ordering food for her nieces and nephews. She had placed the order when one of the employees started giving her grief. She seemed to ignore it at first before getting completely fed up. Corliss called them out on their BS because they weren't stopping and then decided to cancel the order completely. She made some kind of comment about the employee being bourgeoisie. The employee got super triggered. I know more happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking up.

I woke up on Thursday morning so tempted to stay cocooned in the blankets and go back to sleep; I almost did, too. Just so tempting, and I had felt so sleepy; if I had, though, it would have been hard to keep my commitments. My dream recall was a little bit fuzzy, but a lot had happened. What I can remember for sure happening was being at Sonic at one point. I think I had been walking and pretty sure at least some of my family was there. There seemed to be a storm coming and possibly some drama on the horizon.

The next thing I could remember was there being a group of Digi Destined kids. A lot of them wanted to be the "chosen one" and get this special power. While the power would go to various kids/teens, it was almost as if the power was doing a trial run to see if they were a good match. It didn't end well, though; things ended up going awry, so all the others started to fear the power, convinced it was evil/bad. They started cautioning others out of fear to stay away from it. At this point in the dream I seemed like I was a boy that resembled Tai. The power ended up choosing me, which terrified all the others. They started exclaiming that I was now cursed and running away in terror. The power didn't seem evil, and I didn't feel cursed. It didn't even seem like anything all that "special." More than anything, it felt like the others didn't understand the power. It felt as if they were scared due to a lack of comprehension and that the power didn't work with them because they weren't a good match for it and that they weren't ready for such a power. It didn't feel like I was special, although, technically, the power would have let me do all sorts of things that "shouldn't be possible." I started finding so much gold everywhere I went. I collected the gold and decided to bring it back with me. I wasn't sure what exactly I was going to do with it, but I knew that it would come in handy later. More definitely happened in the dream, but that's all I could remember once awake.

I was able to sleep in some on Friday morning, which was nice. Dream recollection was a bit hazy, but I was hanging out with the boys I babysit for part of the dream. I was going to take them to school, but the older brother asked for me to wait since he had heard his dad would take them. We ended up chatting and hanging out for a while. Their dad didn't show up, and the older brother started getting stressed and anxious about it. At 7:39 he asked if I would take him to school because he was convinced he'd be late to school. I told him not to worry and took him. More definitely happened, but that's all I could remember once awake.

I was extra cozy in bed Saturday morning, making it a challenge to get up (didn't help that it was extra stormy). My dream sort of seemed to be all over the place. At one point I was at a school and one of the middle school gym teachers was being weird, giving off some super odd (and uncomfortable) vibes. It said something about him being 95 now (but I doubt that was literal), and it seemed like he was up to something. I don't know what it was, but something was super off and made me uneasy about the situation. More might have happened, but details were hazy. At another point I was traveling with my family. There was some friction and drama with others being inconsiderate and rather rude. I think we had been at a hotel. There was something about packing. Specifics were fuzzy about this part, too, and I think at one point I was at my grandpa's house. What for, I couldn't say. The last thing I could remember was being a part of what seemed to be some game. Not sure if it was just a video game, a VR game, or real life inspired by a game. There seemed to be some kind of challenge/final face off. There was a light saber type thing, and I was supposed to charge up the final attack. It seemed to be in a cave with all sorts of different height levels and even some floating platforms. I couldn't remember who I was facing or the reason once I woke up. More likely happened, but that's all I could remember.

I kept waking up this morning for some reason. My dream recall was kind of fuzzy, but at one point it involved InuYasha characters. Sesshomaru, InuYasha, and Koga were involved for sure. There seemed to be some girl/woman that was possessed or something. Not sure exactly what was going on with that. At another point I was in a room, and I kept noticing all these mess ups that these remodelers had done. So many gaps with paints, odd patches, scratches, etc. I happened to lay on the floor, looking up at the ceiling, and it was atrocious. It looked completely slopped together and like they didn't even try or care. My sister was on the phone, taking part in some D&D game or something. I got some messages from my cousins, and I ended up sending one of them $25. More likely happened, but that was all I could remember upon waking up.

The boys were excited to play with their new puppy; he's super sweet but can be a bit of handful sometimes. They were excited about the finale of The Owl House the previous weekend, eager to discuss it with me, but they were disappointed that Hooty didn't have a bigger role and didn't speak at all. The boys were also excited for their 4-day weekend and enjoyed being their typical, goofy selves.

Tsuki was her typical self this week; she can be such an adorable nut. She had gotten mad when there had been a bunch of storms this week because she prefers to enjoy birdwatching and soak up the sunshine on the porch (pretty hard to do when there's severe thunderstorms and even a tornado). Tsuki enjoyed plenty of cat naps and shenanigans, spying on me while I worked on diamond art and plotting how to get things. She definitely loves her snoozes and snuggles.

I had a blast with April and Iris on Saturday. The meetup was to celebrate April's recent birthday. We didn't do anything too crazy--mostly just spend time together, catching up and joking around. Iris was being her typically adorable and hilarious self; she's such a character and can be unpredictably funny. For instance, Iris didn't want me to go home, so she asked April if I had to leave. April ended up joking that they were gonna get rope to tie me up, so I couldn't go home; Iris' response was, "Yes, please!" She was down for keeping me with them lol. We enjoyed some delicious food at a restaurant we've never been at before as well as some yummy pie. We also did quite a bit of walking and enjoying of fresh air. It didn't go according to the original plan, but we still had so much fun.

I continued working on diamond art this week; I finished the butterfly design and started a new moon and ocean design.

I wrote more new content for Creativity Chronicles this week and created new articles for Luck's List! Feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

New Luck's List articles:

Be open to the now moment; be flexible enough to release the need to control and dictate the course of action. Trying to force things often ends up backfiring in our faces, and plenty of times what we think we want isn't actually what we want or need. Be gentle with yourself as you make your way on the journey that is life, learning and growing along the way. No one has all the answers, so there's no need to judge and criticize yourself so harshly. You're doing the best you can. It's okay to take time to figure things out. Listen to your heart and soul, doing what resonates, and you'll find your happiness; you'll find your purpose for a fulfilling life. You've got this! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and stay blessed with love and light!

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week:

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