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Beautiful World

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I hope everyone has had a phenomenal start to the New Year! This week has been full of beauty, joy, light, love, and harmony. There have been stunning, breathtaking sunrises. The clouds and sky have been so interesting, unique, and artful, full of stripes, lines, streaks, x's, and texture. It's been full of delicious food. It's been full of silliness and laughter (such as kiddos from after care walking around like normal with toy animals stuffed in their shirts). There was the powerful full moon. There is so much to be grateful for, so much to appreciate, so much wonder all around. Life is magnificent.

Saturday Corliss and I decided to catch up with each other after everything that has occurred. We decided to go to the mall, as it had become really cold (the previous day had been in the 60s, whereas Saturday was in the 30s--typical St. Louis weather, honestly). Everywhere we turned, we found more stunning crystals. We had been considering acquiring some crystals, but they appeared before us when we weren't trying to even find them. Additionally, all these bubbly, friendly, sweet, genuine souls kept crossing our paths. For example, when we decided to browse Earth Bound, we met sweet Maureen. Her hair was the most beautiful blue. After discussing crystals, anime, spirituality, life in general, etc. she gave us her card. She had mentioned that she teaches some classes, and Corliss and I definitely want to check them out; her energy resonated so much with us. Honestly, we left with a lot more than we intended (quite the bounty of crystals plus a new connection and resource). We ended up getting some pretzels, and the cashier was funny (he told us the cost of our purchases in terms of pennies--mine was 418 pennies). Corliss ended up getting some Starbucks, and her cashier there was Zach with three smiles ( ":) :) :)" was on his name tag because "one smiley face is never enough"). We ventured into Attic Salt by chance and found more crystals and great people. It's incredible to have so much positivity all around. We went to leave the mall and found ourselves in a winter wonderland (we both knew that there had been a prediction for the rain to turn into snow, but both of us had forgotten all about it, not thinking anything of it). The roads had been rather slushy and slick, but we made it home safe! Hopefully, all the other drivers that had been in a rush and started sliding around made it home safe, as well. We discussed various anime (such as Sailor Moon, Black Clover, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., etc.) and how they relate to spirituality and what's currently happening. We then proceeded to meditate and watch some of our spiritual resources on YouTube. It was a wonderful day.

Sunday was a very big day. At 10:45 am (central time) there was the group meditation with Higher Realm Holistics to bring in the powerful energy for the Earth. We helped ground the energy of White Queen Sophia. We made sure to fast for at least 12 hours prior to the meditation. Corliss and I used the clear quartz crystal candle holders we found at Earth Bound with our pure white candles. It was awesome that outside was a world of pure white from yesterday's snowstorm. The white landscape was so clean and calming. It was so powerful; I'll admit, I started feeling a bit lightheaded for a bit. After we finished the meditation birds were everywhere. Amongst the mass of birds were three male cardinals (funnily enough, Corliss had thought about hoping to see a sign of the Divine Masculine, and then she looked up to see the Cardinals). There was so much white. Everything is meant, and everything happens for a reason. On the way back from dropping Corliss off home, there sky was covered in a blanket of clouds. These clouds were rather interesting, however, as there would be stretches of of extremely dark clouds, stretches of extremely light clouds, stretches of dark, stretches of light, and it just kept repeating. The light clouds seemed luminescent, almost as if they were glowing from the inside. The closer I got to my home, the brighter the one stretch of clouds seemed to get. It was so fascinating. We live in exciting times, my friends. Be blessed~ love, light, joy, and harmony for all.

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