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Welcome to the New Year of 2020!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Get excited~ Happy New Year, my friends! We've made it to 2020, the year of perfect vision! Many exciting things will be happening this year! There's so much energy! Focus on positivity, love, light, and harmony. The more we focus on these, the more we'll find joy in our lives. We're all connected, and when you love others (whether it be other people, animals, plant-life, etc.) you are really just loving another facet of yourself. You deserved to be loved, so send out love and light to all!

Yesterday Corliss and I celebrated the New Year by going to see Frozen 2. Even though I saw Frozen 2 during Thanksgiving Break, I love this movie; we felt it was the perfect way to conclude 2019. The messages and ideas in Frozen 2 resonate so much with other information and insight we have discovered (i.e. Aaron Doughty, Aaron Abke, Spirit Science, Abraham Hicks, etc.). Water has memory. Listening to and following your true self, regardless of what others think/feel/say. Recognizing that the power/person you've been looking for your whole life is actually yourself. Focusing on doing the next right thing rather than worrying about how you will get x, y, z, a, b, c done. Everything is meant. There are no "accidents" or "coincidences." When you stay true to who you truly are, everything will work out perfectly in the end.

Similarly, we felt compelled to go for a drive after the movie. Corliss told me to go back to the nail salon parking lot (which is where we saw all the UFOs on the 22nd, the day after the winter solstice). My brain decided that the nail salon was to the left (it was actually to the right). As we turned left, Corliss commented, "Oh.... it's actually to the right..." We decided to just go for it, though, and see where the left took us. The further we went, the more we felt this pull. We felt sensations in our hearts and stomachs, sort of like there was a heaviness there but it didn't feel bad. The farther we went, the stronger the feeling became. Ironically enough, we both thought that we might be imagining it, but then asked each other how the other was feeling. Corliss remarked, "Oh, good. I thought it was just me. Keep going?" We kept going. The clouds began to clear (it had been so clear earlier in the day, but when we started the drive, clouds blanketed the whole sky). The moon started off as a small crescent high in the sky and grew each time we looked at it (by the end of the trip, it looked almost like a huge, half-moon and practically kissed the horizon. It also changed colors as the night progressed--it started off white and transitioned from a yellowy color to an orangey color to an orange-red color). The entire sky became clear as we drove further, farther and farther away from the more populated areas. We then started to see UFOs again. One in particular seemed to be guiding us. It was pretty close. We both believe it was guiding us because it appeared to wait and slow down for us to catch up. When we would catch up, it would speed up again. Multiple times we lost sight of it and became a bit discouraged. Then, suddenly, it would appear again, shining an intense, bright light, which was too large to ignore and always caught our attention. Then it would go back to guiding us. The energy in our hearts and stomachs only continued to grow, along with our excitement. We ended up by a park neither of us had been to before. We could feel this kind of strong energy. It was then that our UFO buddy flew right over us, only 75-100 feet away. We could distinctly see all these little details; there was no mistaking it for anything else--it was a flying saucer. It was so surreal and blew our minds. Corliss kept exclaiming, "THIS IS A STORY WE'RE TELLING OUR GRANDKIDS!!" Imagine if we had gone right instead of left--if we had gone to the familiar instead of into the unknown (yes, Elsa, into the unknown :P ). We would have missed out on this incredible experience. One might argue that it was an accident that we went to the left (my brain truly thought the nail salon would be to the left), but it felt right to turn left. Look where it took us. Exactly where we were meant to be. It was funny driving back to Corliss' place; we knew we had been driving a while (we had gotten to the area of her home around 8:30, and it was almost 10:30 at this point). We had driven around in circles for a bit, driving down all these side streets. We knew we were not super close, but we didn't realize how FAR we had actually gone. It was over a 15 minute drive by highway to get back, which made us laugh and shake our heads. We were so in the moment, enjoying the journey, that time ceased to exist (as well as distance). It was a phenomenal way to conclude the year, and we wouldn't change a thing!

I've received messages to focus on the light, love, and harmony. Lots of information and insight from Spirit Science resonates with me. This prompted me to obtain the Patch Tarot app ($5 from the Play Store). Each card has a reading overview description, astral signature, keywords, and expanded description. The readings I've received have rang true. They all tend to focus on my feelings, listening to them, and acting based off of them.

I asked the universe about my past, present, and future and received the Three of Wands (Purpose), the Six of Swords (Ascension), and The Star (Faith) respectively. The universe informed me that through the Three of Wands, "The end-goal or destination of the will has become realized. It is no longer just a manifestation of the will, but the will reaching a purpose, or destiny it moves towards. This is still a pathway that you must move now know where you're going." This resonates with me. I've had an increasing sense of purpose for a time now. While in high school, I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life. Sure, I enjoyed art, but it didn't feel like an exact fit. There was so much pressure to KNOW what I wanted to do with my life, to KNOW where I was going, to KNOW what I would pursue in college. Child Development in high school helped me home in on my purpose as it gave me a taste of art education by allowing me to assist in one of the local elementary art classrooms. I've always felt this pull to help others. This felt like a good fit; I could use art, which I enjoyed, and also serve and help others by nurturing their (educational) development (Plus, I've always enjoyed being around children). Thus, I embarked on the 5-year program to get my bachelor's and masters in art education; this saved me from going to college an extra year but also saddled me with student loan debt (through my scholarships and generosity of my parents, I had none during the first four years--it was the last year with the masters program that ensnared me with debt). I've been in the process of figuring out what I want to do for a job since then, starting off with before/after care with the school district I grew up in (none of the art teacher positions I interviewed for resulted in employment). Then I started working as a Teacher's Assistant (TA) for another nearby school district (my aunt coincidentally happens to be a counselor in the district), which led to me becoming the after care director for the preschool I work at. They're all great for my development (i.e. it's led to many babysitting opportunities, creating coloring sheets in before/after care, working with lots of fun kids and coworkers, etc.), but it's not the end destination. I can feel that I'm meant to do more. Launching Destination Creativity is definitely resonating with the call to do more. The Three of Wands "indicates the pathway of spiritual will: the purpose is set behind the creative force which is now burning bright within... there is now a way forward... [it] takes the initial spark of creative energy, gives it a purpose, and send the energy outward along the path towards its completion... [it] has a set destination, and expands that original intention into it." A while back, Corliss asked me (and kept asking and asking and asking) why I don't have my own art business. She'd look at me and exclaim, "If I had a pinkie's worth of your artistic skill and talent, I'd make a killing!! Why aren't you doing more!? Start your own business! YOU NEED TO!" Honestly, the idea of starting my own business was rather daunting; I never had much problem with math, but the thought of creating art solely to make money leaves a sour taste in my mouth (one college requirement was Commercial Photography; I did not enjoy this class, but it could have been, in part, due to the professor, who knows--at this point, it doesn't matter). The whole premise made me hesitate. I didn't find joy in a mindset like that. Then one day it hit me: why not make a creative business WITH my best friends? It would be so much fun! We could bounce ideas off each other and draw off one another's skills and talents. Thus, Destination Creativity was formed: a place to create, enjoy, love, and have fun for everyone! The Three of Wands emphasizes, "You are one more step towards completing the tasks at hand and see fruition of your creative endeavors... it is predominantly, if not solely, up to you to push forward into your dreams, desires, projects, and understandings in life. To fulfill the intention in your heart, it will not be simply given to you, until you demonstrate to the universe that you are willing to walk the path towards it." I am making steady progress towards my purpose and goals. I am in the process of creating coloring books and picture books. I have plenty of ideas for artwork. I work on these blog posts at least on a weekly basis now. I look for resources and insights that will help guide me towards my goals and keep my frequency high. I look for experiences that help me enjoy life and make the most of it. I am shedding old habits, ideas, behaviors, etc. that no longer serve me in favor for ones that do. The Three of Wands "embodies an energy of courage to push forward... [it reminds us] to keep going [even if we occasionally fall off track]... There are always opportunities coming that will expand your horizons and broaden your life experiences, so now is the time to embrace them! The Three of wands encourages you to be bold and stay courageous towards your hear's intent... [take] a leap of faith on the will of your heart, and [keep] a deep trust that from this space inside you are divinely guided." The end of 2019 has proven that time and time again; whether it is the UFO sightings Corliss and I have shared, the movies we've enjoyed, the insights new resources have provided, etc. the more we branch out and broaden our horizons, the more we are rewarded. Life is great, and it only gets better. The Three of Wands reminds me, "Expand! Let this expansion take place internally and externally, as you embody more of who you are and what is in your heart. Instead of giving up. keep your focus on what you are working towards, potentially even expanding your inner knowing and outer work to encompass even greater visions moving through you. You got this; you always did." It's a reminder to not settle for what is--to not get caught up in what I see. I could easily get caught up in my student loan debt, how I don't have the highest paying job, how there isn't enough income currently to move out of my parents' place, how this, that or the other, but there's so much more to life than that! I shouldn't let that encompass my sight. I should expand my perception to see all that is, all that could be, all that will be. I know I'll have an incredible home of my own--it'll have all the space I need to create and be me, however I see fit. I'll have plenty of money. I'll travel and see the world. I won't be tied down by obligations or things I "should" do. I'll be living my best life with my friends and enjoying every moment of it.

As previously mentioned, I received the Six of Swords for my present. The Six of Swords (Ascension) reminds me, "It's time to let go of the beliefs and broken ideals of the past; time to rise and meet a new, brighter future, and a more harmonious mental system of understanding... Leave the old world behind, as it no longer serves you." This resonates deeply with me, as I have come to this understanding for myself, personally. Plus, considering how the Earth as a whole is going through this shift from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension of love this year, it rings doubly true. This card emphasizes, "there is a bright future ahead, and they only requirement to get there is to live fully in the present moment and journey on!" It's important to focus on the now (as, truly, all we ever have is the present moment). Let the past go--it is no longer here. Look forward to the future, as it is exciting and bright, but stay focused on making the most of the now. It "is about transitioning into a new world and letting go of the old, with clarity of mind and a new, deeper understanding of Truth... rising in love." The past teaches us a lot if we allow it. There is no bad in this world--everything is meant to serve us and be for our benefit (again, if we allow it). The past will guide us if we can get out of auto-pilot mode and consciously take the wheel, making necessary changes to grow, learn, and develop. Love will allow us to thrive. Love is the truth; we are all one. The Six of Swords emphasizes, "[It is] a time to let go of old beliefs and our past ways that no longer support us in our journeys... the rising up from the old ways and moving into a new, higher state of consciousness... we must let go of the old in order to make room for the new." If we hold onto negativity and lower frequencies, there is no room in our being for love and the higher frequencies; we cannot change and transcend by holding onto the past. If the caterpillar held onto the past in fear of the new, we would never have beautiful butterflies. It might not be easy to let go. It might require a lot of work, much like the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, but it's worth it. The once earth-bound caterpillar can now fly! This card reminds us, "When we have attachments to certain things, people, or events, even if they have no reason to be in our lives any longer, it can be sad to release them and move on. Ultimately, when we can focus our energy on moving forward we can experience tremendous excitement if we choose to see it as such." The caterpillar could be sad that it would no longer be a caterpillar or it could choose to be excited for the new path ahead of it as a butterfly--all the places it could go via flight! The unknown often draws fear out individuals (cue Elsa's Into The Unknown song), but fear is a liar. Don't settle for less. Take flight into the unknown! It can be so exciting! You can even find yourself (cue Elsa's "Show Yourself"). The Six of Swords "is breaking free from our old limitations and reminding us that we are the masters of our destinies, and in a clear state of mind, the next step up the ladder of life is truly a logical one. When we shift into a state of allowing changes into our lives, this transition becomes very smooth, and we can then see how every experience is always in perfect synchronicity." Can you imagine what it would have been like if Elsa clung to the familiar and refused to go into the unknown out of fear of rocking the boat? Everyone is happier by the end of Frozen 2 by following their hearts and allowing change. Isn't it better to be Elsa, whose shown her true self, than to be Elsa, who refuses to go into the unknown? Be honest, Elsa definitely would have had a gnawing sensation that she was missing something that would only grow if she had ignored it and not stepped outside of the old. The Six of Swords illuminates, "If we choose to hang on to the past, or old ways of thinking that we may have been clinging to, we will create a much more painful ride into the future, and cause ourselves to be dragged along the path instead of rising up... Step into the new you and allow the old ways to fall away, making room for the new thoughts, feelings, and ways of life to reveal themselves to you." When we fight our true selves, it only leads to our suffering. However, much like when Elsa fully embraces who she is at the end of Frozen 2, everything becomes smoother because it's NATURAL. I hear you, universe; like Kyoko Honda stresses in Fruits Basket: Just be yourself. You'll be fine. Be my true self (don't pretend to be anyone or anything else), and everything will fall into place perfectly.

Finally, I received The Star (Faith) for my future. The Star encourages me "to connect with your faith at the highest level, and use this connection as an inspiration to bring your dreams into the world... there may be some time required to pass before we can bring these dreams into complete fruition, but we can still have faith, live an inspired life and express ourselves fully. The inner resolve sets a course towards the future we wish to realize." Just because I can't see doesn't mean I should doubt--the eyes can be deceived. Focus on believing, have faith, and the universe will naturally provide whatever it is that I need. Everything is meant. Be patient and enjoy the journey. This card "represents the guiding light, the renewal of inspiration and faith that moves through us and lifts us up high. It is the reminder to always follow our dreams." Discouragement due to "lack" is based off a false perception--the universe is full of abundance. Keep faith thriving in your heart because the universe has perfect timing. The universe is love; you are love. Therefore, you will only receive love. The Star "shines bright in the darkness with a radiant glow, a light that never goes out no matter how dark the night becomes... [remember] to look to the heavens, and draw inspiration from the majesty and awe that is the cosmos." Sure, things can seem bad, even downright terrible. There is always a purpose to it. It might not be the easiest to see in the moment. As Uncle Iroh attests, "If you look for the light, you can often find it. If you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see." Negative thoughts and lower frequencies will consume you if you allow them to. They will block you from all the gifts the universe has to offer, largely in part due to your unwillingness to see them. Shift your perspective, and a whole new world will open up to you. The Star reminds us, "When we have faith in the universe, we embody the spirit that everything is going to work out in the end, and this light shines through us to all those whom we interact with... [remember] to look to the light when we feel lost and needing guidance." Believe and anything and everything is possible. Like the song "When You Believe" from The Prince of Egypt attests, "There can be miracles when you believe. Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill. Who knows what miracles you can achieve? When you believe, somehow you will, you will when you believe." Don't let doubt creep in; it does not serve you. Neither does fear. Have faith; the universe has incredible things in store for you! The Star emphasizes, "the importance of opening yourself up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to allow new understandings to flow into you... breathe in new possibilities for yourself... [look] beyond the small and limited self, and see beyond - to the greater I Am that is the entire universe." There is so much to see, learn, and do in this incredible world we live in! You are part of something larger than yourself that is so magical and breathtaking; enjoy the blessing of living in such a marvelous place! There are endless possibilities; don't get caught up in only the few that might be apparent in the time--if the possibilities that you see are unsatisfying, broaden your horizons and look for more! The universe will only too happily provide them! This card affirms, "Trust what is happening to you is all within a divine plan and part of a cosmic flow, and it will tremendously further your personal growth, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. Remember to trust the universe even in the darkest of times, for the stars shine no matter what. There is nothing to fear when you live with an open heart, just look to that which inspires you, and you will be well on your way!" I'll admit, in the past I doubted and, thus, suffered for it. For example, one school I worked for decided to tell me the day after my birthday that I should resign "because they just didn't think it would work out." The principal couldn't really provide any reason for why they were sending me away (it felt like I was being kicked out at the time), and she said that she didn't have any problem with me for attendance, work ethic, etc. I had literally just gotten insurance through the school district (I had just turned 26 and could no longer be on my parents' insurance). My mom had all these conspiracy theories about it being due to the insurance, but that really doesn't matter. It really hurt. Looking back now, I realize that I made myself pointlessly suffer. The principal said that she had no idea that I had just turned 26 (I won't claim how she felt or claim to know what she actually did know), and the following week (right before winter break) she told me that I would be moved to another school building, at least for the remainder of the school year. You know what? It worked out for the better. I was moved to the preschool, and the environment was so much more positive, welcoming, and loving. It was a much better fit. I ended up getting promoted to after care director at this same preschool the following year. Everything happens for a reason; the universe isn't trying to slight you. It really is for your benefit, even if you are unaware of what the specific benefit is in the moment. Keep your faith; incredible things await you in the future!

With my spiritual growth, I asked the universe to guide me in how I should interact/help my family; I received the Ace of Swords (Realization). The Ace of Swords reminds us that "Thoughts are powerful, if not one of the most powerful things you have at your disposal. The power to create anything is only limited by your imagination. Thoughts are the wellspring from which all of creation emerges... Be mindful of your thoughts." Message received: if I focus on what past experience has "proven to be true," then I will not allow what can be in; I get tripped up by what currently is, and it remains stuck that way. If I wish for my family to get past their destructively negative habits and thought patterns, I need to stop seeing what is and look forward to what will be: focusing on them healing and embracing healthy habits and thought patterns. This card "is the spark of realization, the invocation of natural forces and thought itself coming into being; the moment of ;eureka!' It is the birthing of creation in the mental form of our thoughts moving through us and out into reality." If I visualize my family focusing on positivity, light, love, and harmony (and send these to them), it will become the new reality. The Ace of Swords "activates mental clarity, the process of analyzing our thoughts, our realizations, and looking at our thoughts objectively... [it] represents the moment where we can mentally connect the dots and are filled with new insights and realizations. It highlights a new idea, vision, or way of seeing something that is important to take note of at this time." This drives home all the insight I have been gaining from individuals such as Aaron Doughty, Abraham Hicks, Aaron Abke, Spirit Science, etc.; by remaining fixated on what I "know to be true," I limit what can become. I need to let go of old beliefs, thoughts, feelings, etc. that no longer serve me and connect and synthesize all the new information the universe has provided. If I want things to change, I need to change myself and how I think. The Ace of Swords reminds me "to stay alert and objective, being mindful of the illusions present at any moment... [to maintain] a clear focus... The Ace of Swords invites you to take a deep breath and connect with Spirit within, stepping back to observe your mental intuition." Negative thoughts, fear, anger, etc. signify that you aren't aligned with your inner being, with your true self, with source energy. I need to focus on letting go of the old and embracing love, light, and harmony. Fear (and other emotions of lower frequencies) is a liar; it skews reality. This reality it creates is false. Why hold onto such a reality? Step back, take a deep breath, and connect with your true self to see the true reality: we all are one--we all are love, and then act accordingly, with unconditional love. This card emphasizes "meditation is key; take the time to slow down and bring your awareness to the present moment completely." All too often, people tend to jump to conclusions, assuming what others meant, what others' intentions were, etc. If we slow down, reflect, be mindful, we can become aware to the truth that lay in front of us. I'll admit that I became caught up in the lies of the lower frequencies plenty of times before, but with the New Year upon us, I commit to changing that. I commit to being a being of light, love, and harmony. I commit to helping others by staying aligned to my true self and not worrying about what others might think when I share the universal truth: we are all connected, and we are all love.

The universe sent me Three of Cups (Abundance) for December 29th's focus. It encourages me, "In doing what you love and loving what you do, pleasure and accomplishment lead the way to a majestic growing and blossoming." I need to stay true to myself, following my true purpose. If I'm in alignment with my heart, the universe is only to happy to provide anything and everything I need/want. This card "embodies abundance; emotions with a purpose. It invites us to do what we love, and love what we do. From this space, we can create and accomplish anything that our heart's desire." Live from the heart, live with light and love, and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Anything is possible. The Three of Cups reminds me to "Enjoy the abundances that life has to offer; the more you focus on this feeling of growth, the more growth you will experience in all aspects of your life!" Focus on what you want, focus on what you love, and everything else falls into place. The more I've focused on my mental, physical, and spiritual growth and well-being the more I've felt centered, aligned, and at peace. It prompts me to "take some time to acknowledge the abundance that exists all around you, and always remember to do what you love, and love what you do. If you are not in alignment with your hearts calling, then this card may indicate a shift to transform your occupation into one that is." Enjoying what I do, by law of attraction, will bring more joy to my life. Love of life will only bring more. I have a very full life now; I am grateful for my best friends, for my fluffy cat, for my resources (i.e. the new cell phone and new touchscreen laptop I received in 2019), for my meaningful jobs working with children (before care at an elementary school, teacher assistant at a preschool, after care director at the same preschool, babysitting for a large number of families), clean water, food in my fridge/pantry, a car that works well, clothes to keep me warm, information at a the touch of a fingertip, my education (bachelor's degree and master's degree), etc. I have so much to appreciate. I enjoy many components of my life. If I'm going to be honest, however, I've felt a pull to do more, a pull to not settle for less. As I've reflected on this, I think that I need to travel more, see the world, learn new things (I've always wanted to go to Japan, which Corliss and I plan to do summer of 2020). I also need to do more in terms of my job; I love the field of education and my jobs, but it's not the perfect fit. I want to help others learn and grow, which is why I love the field of education so much, but my current jobs do not best incorporate my passion for art. I have so much to offer, and my current pay does not align with that. As Corliss has been pushing me to do, I need to start my own art business. It will likely start off online here, at Destination Creativity, prior to acquiring a physical location (but I do want to have a physical location that doubles as a store and studio where people can come together to create freely, with all sorts of materials and supplies, and where lots of love and learning can take place). This card depicts "three souls have gathered together to embrace each other in conscious creation. Through this collaboration they have materialized a multitude of delicious fruit which together they share and enjoy! They have generated a creative space where only harmonious things can come into being. This is a card of friendship, creativity, community, and satisfaction." This is exactly what I want for myself, the world at large, and for the physical space I will soon have for Destination Creativity: a harmonious, creative space of abundance, community, friendship, sharing, joy, love, and satisfaction. It calls to my soul. The Three of Cups encourages me to put myself "out there, bursting with energy and passion towards whatever is deep in your heart... The Three of Cups reminds us that there are truly no limits in the cosmic sense... the physically observable limitations in the tangible world may appear to exist, but this does not dictate any actual lack... You have everything you need to do what you came here to do." The fact that I do not have this space currently could make a person think it's impossible; I just need to stay focused on visualizing this space. It's out there. It's waiting for me. The universe all to happily wants to give us what we need; each of us will receive the abundance of the universe if we'll get out of our own way. Thoughts and perceptions of lack will only block all the gifts the universe wants to give us. We need to follow our hearts and passions, fearless, and everything will work out perfectly. Three of Cups stresses that "When there is a free flow of energy between you and others, you create a spiral of infinite creation, and the limitations are observed as blessings instead... this card heralds a very social and communicative time... [and] represents starting new projects and establishing a social purpose." Everything happens for our benefit, whether a blessing or a lesson. Now is the time to create, to collaborate and communicate--through teamwork (with others, the universe, and source energy), anything is possible. I know that my goals will easily be accomplished through my passion and collaboration with my friends, which is why I created Destination Creativity (and the JACK project). This card "is about community, and groups of people gathering together to focus and create a common goal... In your communion with those close to you, you share in an abundance of unifying love that connects all things together." This resonates a lot with the growing energies of change that the world is experiencing; 2020 is a fresh, new start for all of us! We have exciting times ahead of us!

For December 30th the universe told me to focus on The Truth (Speak), calling me "to bring awareness to what is true, and even to bring a voice to this truth (at the very least so that you may know it to be true yourself)." Message received--focus on love, light, and harmony for all. Let go of old thought patterns and beliefs, and focus on the new insights the universe has provided. The Truth card "unifies and connects all things in creation: the infinite sea of possibilities from which all manifestations, even The Light, emerges." What unifies and connects everything? Love. All is source energy. All is one. All is love. This card "seeks to identify and bring awareness to the infinite and supreme truth... In the Oneness of everything, we are perpetually and infinitely connected to each other." There is no point in fear, in anger, in hate--we are all one; we all embody source energy, thus, we are all, ultimately, perfect. The sooner we recognize this, the easier and better our lives will turn out. The Truth calls me to bring my "voice to the truth so that it can be known and shared by all." This means that I should not keep the insights I've learned to myself. Granted, I should not force it down anyone's throat. I should share what I know with love, and others will gain insight at their own right time, as everyone has their own journey and grows at their own pace. While we are all the same at our core (beings of light and love, connected to source energy), we have unique journeys to love and explore.

For New Year's Eve I was told to focus using the Princess of Cups (Dreamy), sharing with everyone around me and using the power of water to give life to thoughts and feelings. The Princess of Cups, embodying gentleness, kindness, tenderness, and sweetness, "descends from water from water and crystallizes into snowflakes, demonstrating the materialization of consciousness in a fluid-like motion" (Hey, Elsa ;) Funny we meet up in Tarot after watching Frozen 2, eh?). She embodies "the power of giving life to an idea and feeling... [and] exists in an inner dream world of her own fantasies, limited only by her imagination." This card prompts me to "allow yourself to feel all the feelings associated with the dreams in your mind... [and then leads to] living your life differently, reacting to things differently, because you are in a state of fantasy within." Anything is possible. As I am invited "to allow your purest emotions to come through you and to act on them... we can respond to the world as if it really is all just a big adventure game that we're playing." (See the drive Corliss and I spontaneously took above--it resonates so much with this card; we made our decisions based on our emotions and gut feelings rather than logic, and look where it led us). Don't take life so seriously--enjoy and savor every moment. How you feel on the inside is then reflected and brought to you through the law of attraction on the outside: "The external and the internal reflect each other." When I feel joy, light, and love, it comes right back to me (i.e. the drive where Corliss and I were excited, living the moment, and full of joy and love, and then we had a UFO come SUPER up-close and personal, the closest we've ever been, leaving us without a single doubt in our minds). The Princess of Cups embodies new beginnings, encourages meditation, and "uses emotional reasoning and intuition to gain knowledge and understanding, and this card indicates it's time for you to do so as well." It's interesting that this card appeared right at the end of 2019, as I'm growing, learning, and working on becoming a new person. I've started working on meditation with Aaron Doughty; I've been working on following what makes me happy and following that feeling through the insight of those like Abraham Hicks, Aaron Abke, Aaron Doughty, etc. The Princess of Cups encourages me to "tap into that gentle side of yourself that emanates love [for] the reason that you simply can and want to!" I've been looking for the world to be a world full of love, light, and harmony for all; I feel like the message is for me to live by example, loving everyone and everything unconditionally and fully, and the same will be returned to me. Love not because it's what I "should" do but because, ultimately, it is what I want to do. It feels better to embody love, light, and harmony; it's natural.

For New Year's Day (and the new year) I was told to be expressive and received the Prince of Cups; mental focus should guide me forward, having a "calm, cool, and collected" demeanor while using my intuition, passion, and emotions. The Prince of Cups' "calm demeanor masks tremendous passion and emotional intensity." This card "is an invitation to explore the ways in which you are applying thought to your feelings and communicating these ideas with others; to explore which direction you are putting your energy toward, based on your feelings." I take this to mean that I should focus on my true feelings, acting upon genuine love, and that will make the most of my decisions and communication. This card symbolizes someone "who is clever and open-minded... their power is magnificent when revealed." Keeping an open mind, thus, would lead to significant power. The Prince of Cups "has so much to give... He is the power of thought applied to emotion, and the ambitions that come from this dynamic." I take this to mean don't think and act from a perspective of lack; it's better to be generous and giving, full of love. With this card, I am called "to find your gifts in life and give them away freely, channeling your creative passions into all that you love." The Prince of Cups' "intuition and emotions can be used to gain the interest of those around him; his musical ability is a channel for his deeper hidden emotions to come through, invoking feelings in those who listen." When you tap into your true self and follow your heart and joy, others will be drawn to you naturally. It serves no one to try and force things; let things progress naturally and incredible things will happen. This card represents someone "who embodies these characteristics, subtle, kind-hearted yet passionate and intense when they want to be... [carrying] feelings into manifestation." It's important to have an open, loving heart, but keep boundaries and stay true to yourself. Be kind and loving to all, including yourself (i.e. don't let others take advantage of you); in order to lift others up you need to lift yourself up first--this might seem selfish, but once you're in the higher frequencies of love, light, and joy others will naturally follow suit (your energy will naturally help others).

Wow, this was a long post! Thank you to all, who have stuck around and read to the end! I appreciate it! I hope that this post can share some light, love, and joy with you! I'll do my best to be my authentic self, and I hope that you all will do the same! Enjoy every day, every moment. Savor each second; each is a gift, a chance to become a new you if you want it to be. I definitely enjoyed myself while I wrote this (I've spent most of the day writing it, to be honest--I got so caught up in being while writing that time passed by without my notice). Do what you enjoy, even if it seems strange to some. Don't let others discourage you. Live your best life, full of light, love, and harmony. Explore, expand your horizons, and go into the unknown (I know I'll, at least, get a kick out of it if you sing "Into the Unknown" from Frozen 2 while you do it). You never know what you'll find (okay, so you'll probably find yourself like Elsa did, but still, you don't know what that SPECIFICALLY might be... and if you sing "Show Yourself" from Frozen 2 while you do this, I'll genuinely appreciate it). Be blessed, my friends, and have a wonderful, light-filled, peaceful, exciting, loving new year!

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