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Our JACK Project

A community service mission


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I have a background in education. I have co-taught in a preschool classroom and acted as director of the preschool after care program. I have worked as a Teacher Assistant at the elementary level. I also have worked before care/after care for an elementary school, on top of babysitting for many families in the district. I love spending time with the various students I work with. I have enjoyed creating art from a young age, focusing mainly on drawing and 2-D media in high school. Upon entering college, I explored new media including ceramics, collage jewelry, graphic design, and photography. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Art Education. 

My friends and I have always enjoyed using our imaginations to create stories; I felt the pull that it was time to explore creating my own stories. I am in the process of producing my own picture books.

I am currently working on learning Japanese and will to travel to Japan. I have always enjoyed anime, and the Japanese culture fills me with a sense of wonder. I can't wait until the day I can visit Japan and all its splendor. I know Corliss and I will be living it up in kimonos in Japan.

I adore cats--my cat is a bit of a scaredy cat and cry baby. She loves sleeping with me at night, but she'll cry if you pick her up or if you even walk in her general vicinity (unless, of course, it's when I first wake up, and then she'll purr like crazy when I hold her). I've been to a cat cafe recently--being surrounded by all the kitties is absolute bliss!


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I have super savvy business and leadership skills. I love travel. I will travel all over the world in the very near future, but I'll start by traveling all over the US first. I adore elephants, cats, birds, make-up, nature, and Mother Gaia overall. I have recently started my own YouTube channel where I create vlogs documenting and sharing my path to growing into my best self. I have embarked on the path of vegetarianism; I am committed to my health, working on maintaining on having a sound mind, body, and soul. I'm committed to my daily exercise; I will be surfboarding in Hawaii in the near future. I have big aspirations for my life--I will change the world for the better! We all have the power to make the world a place full of love, light, and harmony.


I am a phenomenal artist and proud mommy of the cutest baby girl! I currently have my artwork in a gallery. 

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