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Summer Chill Vibes~

It was a pretty chill week. The boys I babysit had less activities to do this week, so we ended up relaxing at their home a lot with their puppy, chatting, watching videos, and playing games. I also enjoyed hanging out with Tsuki, reading some fanfic, writing, creating art, and watching anime. Tsuki, the rest of my family, and I definitely savored the cooler weather all the rain brought with it (we haven't missed the summer heat in all honesty). All the rain brought the chill vibes, and I'm all for it.

I struggled sleeping Sunday night/Monday morning, but I'm pet sitting at the energetically active house again, so I wasn't all that surprised when it transpired as such. Since I didn't sleep much, I wasn't surprised when I couldn't recall details from my dreams. I was able to get some more sleep Monday night into Tuesday morning, although I did wake up a number of times. From what I could remember there was one part that took place at a school with some kind of class read aloud. The book seemed to be a sequel to Verdi, and this one little girl really wanted me to come sit by her, repeatedly calling out my name, so I ended up sitting with her.

At another point I was at some family gathering, but it seemed to be for whoever I happened to be accompanying, as I didn't recognize anyone there. It seemed to be celebrating in part this young baby boy that was born, but it seemed like the parents didn't really care about either of their two kids. One of the attendees mentioned that the mom was pregnant again, too, which alarmed a number of the partygoers. There was some other part that had this interesting house that seemed sort of like a secret base and involved what seemed to be magic to get inside. There seemed to be some being/creature trying to break in or something. Details were a bit fuzzy. More definitely happened, but that's all I could remember once awake.

I got more sleep Tuesday night since I was back home (and Tsuki was extra glad about that--she had missed me). My dream recall was kind of hazy, but it seemed to involve heroes, those with quirks like in My Hero Academia. Granted, I didn't recognize any of the individuals in the dream as being from the show, but it was the same general vibe. There was this kind of showdown between two of the individuals, seeming sort of on the level of All-for-one and the One-for-all users but not quite as intense. The one individual had this quirk that transported people to this other realm/dimension, which sort of looked fun and in the art style of Soul Eater. Time went faster in the realm/dimension. Others ended up showing up to help track down the big bad because he was pretty elusive and kept escaping. I don't think they ever managed to quite catch him in the dream, but specific details were fuzzy; that's all I could remember once awake.

A lot transpired in my dream again Wednesday night/Thursday morning. The first thing I could remember was being at a McDonald's for some reason. They had these new onion rings on the menu, and I was curious. Someone had tried a free sample and thought they were alright; when I asked to try a free sample, I was very confused by what I was given. It had seemed like an onion ring, but when I took a bite, it was some kind of meat. I asked the staff what it was, and they told me it was some kind of chicken ring (although, it looked more like beef/steak and it was perplexing and off-putting). I ended up putting in an order for onion rings and fries. The staff told me I could get a 25% off discount, and when I asked how, they told me all I needed to do was record a video of myself dancing and add it to their Instagram. I told them it was a hard pass, that I didn't do dances or social media.

I ended up in some outdoor bathroom next that seemed to be at a park and struggled to find soap. The bathroom layout was a bit strange, but I found some sinks on the other side of the bathroom. I had thought to myself that I needed to get my order, and when I started to make my way back to where I thought it was, I ended up on this track, passing by all these different kids I used to work with. They kept exclaiming how much they missed me and how much they loved me. It felt like I was a celebrity almost. As I was making my way, there seemed to be some kind of sporting event going on, and some announcer was reminding all the visitors with dogs to make sure they cleaned up after them. More might have happened there, but the next thing I could recall was being at an actual school classroom. My aunt Kris was there, and some sort of shenanigans ensued. There was some kind of game taking place that the staff hadn't planned, but my aunt seemed fine with it, willing to be playful. More definitely transpired, but that's all I could recall once I woke up.

My dream recall was a bit fuzzy when I woke up Friday morning. The main thing I could remember was going to a church with at least some of my family. One of my friends ended up being there, too, and sitting with me and one of my younger brothers. Some of the other attendees ended up getting into shenanigans, but I'm not sure why. There was this small group of African American kids and teens that started opening doors that apparently weren't supposed to be opened, and one of the staff came over to tell them to stop. My brother ended up claiming to be their dad or something, but one of the teens looked older than him in the dream; a bunch of people didn't believe him and thought he was lying. At least in the waking world, he has no kids. Not sure what the dream was supposed to signify, but it was strange.

It was tempting to just stay in bed when I woke up Saturday morning; it was definitely a sleepy morning. My dream recall was fairly fuzzy, but there was something about meeting up with April. Corliss was apparently climbing some mountain. We ended up going to April's old house; I wrote some note for someone to meet us at the park. At one point there was a Yu-Gi-Oh card duel that involved lots of Blue Eyes White Dragons. There were even new versions that a were this like pinky/rose gold color and a brilliant gold color. More happened, but that's all I remember once I woke up. I ended up staying cozy in bed when I woke up this morning; weekends are so nice when you don't have any set plans and can take things at your leisure. My dream recollection was rather hazy with specific details remaining elusive, but it seemed like peaceful ones.

The boys were excited for another week of summer break. This week was pretty chill; the younger brother only had swim practice, so they made the most of the downtime, hanging out with their dogs, playing games, and watching movies/shows/videos that they enjoyed. They had me watch a variety of top videos about the 90's with them, such as the best Disney movies from the 1990's. They also had us watch funny moments from InuYasha and Fruits Basket (as these are two of my favorite anime, I had no problem with it whatsoever). It was a fun and relaxing week.

Tsuki enjoyed a pretty chill week. She had been a bit bummed that I had been pet sitting through Tuesday, but she was so happy to have me back home. We enjoyed chilling with each other the rest of the week, making the most of the cooler weather. Tsuki enjoyed plenty of cat naps, getting cozy in her cat house, playing with bugs, savoring the fresh air, and listening to the rain. It was a rather relaxing week, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

I continued working on diamond art this week, finishing one design and starting a new one:

I wrote more new content for Creativity Chronicles this past week, so feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

In all honesty, I intended on being "more productive" this week, but I just didn't have the energy, so I opted for fun and self-care instead. In the past I've been prone to pushing myself to the point of burnout, and I would prefer not going down that same road again. So, I took time for me, enjoying the little things rather then getting so caught up in to-do lists. It's super easy to get ensnared be all the "shoulds," but that can be a dangerous path that leads to detrimental consequences for our well-being. Be gentle with yourself, give yourself time to breathe and relax, find your joy, and listen to your heart. You'll be just fine even if you don't always finish your lengthy to-do list; it will still be there waiting for you tomorrow. You've got this, so give yourself a break. You deserve it! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, and make sure to take care of yourself, showing yourself the love and kindness each and every one of us deserves!

Food for thought for the week:

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