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Summer Break Draws to a Close

I hope everyone is doing well and had a fabulous week! Something felt off about the energy this week; it fluctuated a lot. I would feel fine and energized one moment and then completely drained the next. Even though I'd be rather tired during the day/when I would wake up, I would feel wide awake at night. It was a really strange occurrence. Weirdness was happening with my phone, too; there'd be periods where my phone would receive messages with hours and hours of delay (like over 12 hours of delay from when the other person actually sent it). There was also some strangeness with my car tires; there have been 2 screws that became lodged into a tire over the summer, one back in June and another this week. I've never had anything like this happen, yet this summer it happened what feels like back-to-back. It's odd. Has anyone else noticed/experienced this?

My dream recall was a bit fuzzy when I woke up on Monday morning. I think there was something about sewing/creating clothes or something. At one point I was definitely at a store. I remembered walking up to this clearance display and finding these massive pillows on sale for $4. I noticed an elephant one and picked it up so I could give it to Corliss. There was also something that seemed to be related to back-to-school shopping and getting new clothes, but I'm not entirely sure why I would have done that. I think my dad was also there. Specifics were rather hazy, and that's all I could remember upon waking.

It felt like a lot happened in my dream when I woke up Tuesday morning. The first thing I remembered is meeting up with April because she wanted to go to some store. I'm not sure what the store specifically was, but it seemed to be a fusion of a couple of places. It seemed sort of like IKEA in scale, with multiple levels and a food court-type area on the 3rd level, but it also sort of resembled Menards while basically being a grocery store. The only thing I remember seeing at the store was food, and we passed a bakery at one point. April was looking for some kind of candy. Details got a bit fuzzy, and then there was something about my brother wanting to get a bunch of Pokémon cards to do an unboxing/unpackaging video. My siblings and I all seemed to be younger in this part of the dream, being kids. There was something about leaving the store to maybe go on a trip. I somehow managed to misplace my jacket and shoes even though I had been wearing them. My siblings were stalling and dragging their feet. The dream seemed to transition a bit, and while I was walking through a woodsy area, I ended up in some class with Ralph Smart and others. I somehow got into a small group with Ralph, possibly Elizabeth April, and a couple of others, and we were discussing family/family interactions and dynamics. Details got fuzzy again, and the last thing I recalled was walking to my grandpa's house and noticing my aunt Angie walking up to his house. I ended up following her, and she was surprised. She asked if I had gotten her text that asked if I was coming, but I had no idea she had even sent it. Apparently, she and my aunt Kris were having an arts and crafts session at my grandpa's house and wanted me to come, and she was excited about my timing and how I just showed up without realizing it. That's all I could remember once I woke up.

My dream recall was a bit fuzzy when I woke up on Wednesday morning. There was something about creating websites and something about being somewhere like a hospital. I was with this kid/young person, and they knocked over something on the receptionist desk in the lobby. They ended up breaking some of the glasses that were on the desk. The receptionist came out and was livid. She was saying that she would sue for 500 million dollars, but if I admitted it was my fault, I'd only be charged 275 million dollars. I was very confused, not sure why she was so angry and trying to charge that much money, but I didn't want to throw the kid/young person under the bus. The whole thing was weird and felt off. My aunt Heather showed up and told me not to buy into her bs, that the hospital makes a bunch of money and that it was ridiculous to even consider paying that much. It sounded like she was going to sue the hospital for something. There was something else about picking up the boys I babysit from school and going to some other school afterwards. There were some kids I recognized and others I didn't at the school, but they all seemed to know me and were happy to see me. It sort of felt like I was a celebrity; they all wanted to talk to me, and some of them mentioned how they had seen my sticker car out and about. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember once I woke up.

My dream recall was rather hazy when I woke up on Thursday. There was something about being in a school. I walked through hallways at one point, and it seemed like I was heading to my next class. I heard an announcement about a student being chosen to do something. I think I ended up going to a Spanish class. There were various projects/assignments on the white board, and one of them had a dry erase note written by it. That one seemed to be some kind of dog collage piece, and the note mentioned that it hadn't been picked up for weeks. The name was written in this fancy cursive, making it difficult for me to clearly distinguish from a distance. It was either Caleb or Charles, but interestingly enough, either was it was the name of one of my cousins. I think there was something about art projects, and I think the class was ending. Specific details were extra fuzzy, and that's all I could remember upon waking.

My dream recall was rather muddled when I woke up on Friday. There was something about yarn and maybe knitting/crocheting, but I'm not sure what. Specific details eluded my waking consciousness. I couldn't remember anything else. My dream from Friday night/Saturday morning seemed to involve schools. The first part involved going to a school with a pair of sisters that seemed to be my friends. Their dad was really weird and gave off these strange, uncomfortable vibes. He seemed obsessive and seemed to want to kidnap me. He started following me around, trying to touch me and everything. I tried to get away from him, but he apparently worked at the school, which made it difficult. He seemed to have an issue with lying because he also posed as a student and entered artwork into a competition as a "student" under a false name. Other staff and students helped try to keep him away from me, but he always seemed to find me, no matter where I went in the school. I ended up hiding in classrooms and secret meeting rooms/conference rooms. One of the teachers that was apparently his friend decided to run interference for me, distracting him. I ended up leaving the school and getting into the carpool pickup line and into my mom's car. I'm pretty sure he still wanted to follow me, but I managed to get away. There was another part where I was back in school, and I arrived to class early. I was the first one there and realized that I had forgotten my short reading assignment. I was about to do it when the teacher called me over and wanted to do some kind of assessment. It was some kind of reading assessment where you had to pick a multiple-choice answer, but it wasn't straightforward. Other kids showed up, and a student teacher was leading the class. Other students started freaking out because a wasp got into the room. I wasn't freaking out, but I got a little wary and anxious when it landed on me by my ear and wouldn't get off. I remained still, and my classmates helped get it off. The student teacher had some kind of purple tablets/pills/spheres that when crushed would deter wasps/insects from coming in, so she passed them out, and the class started spreading the crushed powder everywhere. The teacher was upset that the class wasn't doing any work/learning, but the student teacher tried to vouch for us, saying that we were being proactive to solve a problem. I don't think the teacher approved, though. That's all I remembered once I woke up.

My dream recall was a bit fuzzy when I woke up this morning, but I knew that I had been hanging out with some of the kids I babysit/have babysat. One of them was the older brother of the boys I regularly babysit, and the other was the younger sister of a pair of girls I used to babysit all the time before they moved. I think I was helping the brother get prepped for the start of the school year, and it seemed like we were doing a practice run of getting ready for school and morning drop off. It seemed like the younger sister just kind of showed up. Maybe she was lonely because somehow I knew that she was alone at the home she was staying at (it was in the area--not sure if she was visiting or what). She wanted to hang out with me and the boy while her parents were away at work. I think there was something about former coworkers working at the boy's school now, and it started snowing at one point. More happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking up.

The boys had mixed feelings on their last full week of summer break. They enjoyed discussing the different games and videos they've been playing. They've shared experiences with D&D, and it sounds like a pretty interesting game. The boys kept watching all of these anime funny moment videos, including ones from Bleach and InuYasha, asking me if I remembered any of the moments, too. The younger one is super excited and planning to get a diamond-back turtle. He has all these big plans about setting up a terrarium for it and getting small pool that he'll fill with sand, water, and driftwood so it can have more space to roam. His ultimate goal is to get a cuttlefish one day. They're also going on a float trip this weekend, so I'm sure this last full week is going to be a fun, exciting, last hoorah!

I did some last minute babysitting Friday night for friends of one of my normal families. The girls were pretty sweet, although the younger one had a ton of energy and a more wild personality. They have a lot of animals, too; they have a puppy, a cat, a parakeet, a hamster, hermit crabs, and chickens. They loved my Sailor Moon tie dye shirt, and the older sister loved talking anime with me. They were watching The 7 Deadly Sins when I arrived, and the older sister wanted to know who I thought was the best power couple in the show. The younger sister kept playing with my hair and braiding it, going on about how soft, beautiful, and incredible my hair was. It was a nice way to spend a Friday evening, and it was pretty laid-back overall (there was some sibling rivalry and screaming, though). Their mom was super grateful and loved having me, wanting me to come back another time.

Tsuki's her usual, goofy self. She's enjoyed plenty of naps on the couch, her blanket, and the chair. Tsuki loves hanging out in the gap of her inclined scratching post (it's probably her favorite thing to do with it rather than play with the springy ball or use it as a scratching post). She also has decided to hang out and nap underneath the table a lot recently. Tsuki enjoyed the porch and hunting for bugs at the window. She was also happy that the remodelers weren't here much this week, so she didn't have to be confined to a bedroom; it also meant she could freely explore the in-progress remodel pretty much whenever she wanted. She's such a nutty cat.

Artwork for the week included:

I have a new piece out about the incredible AMBSDR community! This is seriously the best decision I've ever made, so read the article if you'd like to learn more and drastically improve your life, too! Check out the AMBSDR program for yourself to access this life-changing content!

I worked on more writing for Creativity Chronicles this week! Feel free to check out the new art supply articles!

New articles include:

I finally got around to watching Digimon Tri and Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna this week. I've been meaning to check it out for the longest, ever since I first heard about it, but I kept forgetting about it whenever I had the chance for some free time. I remembered this week, and it was interesting seeing the original gang as teens. It was darker than I thought it would be, but I completely predicted some of the events. I'm not completely satisfied with how it ended, but it was very real for a series. It sort of feels like more is supposed to happen with the series; I read that Kizuna is supposed to be the sequel to Digimon Tri and the finale, but Dark Gennai's comment at the end of Tri makes it seem like he was going to come back and had big plans. Does anyone know anything about this?

It's been a bit of a chaotic week, full of exhaustion, surprises, and intense energy. Please, be gentle with yourself. We're all doing the best we can, so there's no need to be so critical and harsh. Breathe, relax, and allow yourself to be. It's okay to take it easy, especially when the energies are so intense. It's times like these where it's most necessary to do so. I had planned to get more things completed off my check list this week, but the energies weren't always aligned, so I didn't. That's okay. I enjoyed taking some time off and relaxing with the Digimon movies. Rest is important; by allowing ourselves to adequately recharge, we're able to be more productive. Do what feels right. Logic and rational thought can be great, but they aren't everything; more often than not, they justify doing things that don't resonate and don't feel right, forcing ourselves to continue doing things that eat away at our souls. Listen to your heart, feel, and choose the life you want to live. Become impowered and sovereign; you are your own master, so do what you want. You've got this. Make room for joy, fun, and laughter, and do something that lifts your soul today! Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week:

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