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Spring in Bloom: New Beginnings and Rebirth

Updated: May 16, 2020

Happy Sunday! It is a sunny Sunday at that (especially compared to how cloudy and rainy it was yesterday). It's awesome to see the vibrant blue sky and stunning sunshine again. I hope everyone is doing well. I hope everyone is adjusting to the new circumstances (things are quite different now). I suspect quite a few people are waiting for things to "go back to normal." I'm not sure that it will ever be the normal of the past again. That "normal" wasn't all that healthy, for the planet as a whole or individuals. The effect actions have on the planet seem to be an afterthought (if it was considered at all--seriously, think about how after a short time of the world being shut down all these animals are coming back; that speaks VOLUMES). I'll be honest, I don't miss the pollution; it's not healthy for anyone. People were always doing things, but I feel like the most important things mostly fell through the cracks; people were always busy, always on the go, but they neglected their health (whether it be getting enough sleep, proper meals, taking time to breathe/meditate, etc.) and often neglected their relationships (there are parents now that are spending time with their kids, but they don't know how--there have been parents asking for lessons plans, wanting to push academics on their three and four year olds. There's no problem with academics, but that really shouldn't be the focus right now. There's plenty of learning that can go on just by going outside, by cooking meals together, by playing pretend together, etc.). I honestly feel that this right now is a wake up call for the human race to focus on what's truly important and get back in touch with humanity. The focus should be love, well being, compassion, and being there for one another. It's in times like these that we especially need to work together and help each other. This is the perfect time to spend time outdoors, connecting with the Earth and gazing upon the new, beautiful spring that's blooming everywhere. We need to stop being human DOINGS and start being human BEINGS.

I know that this all probably seems pretty scary. There's plenty of uncertainty. Maybe you've lost your job. Maybe family members lost their jobs. Maybe someone you know has gotten sick. I hope you all are doing well. Yes, this can be down right scary. Don't focus on the fear, though. Fear, as stated by Gabrielle Bernstein, is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. That mentality focuses on lack--a lack of a job, a lack of gatherings (maybe you were going to go to a concert, on a trip, book club, whatever, but now can't), a lack of health, etc. The universe, however, is full of abundance. Look at all the flowers in bloom now. Take in the fresh air and sunshine. Maybe you no longer have that "secure job," but this can be an opportunity to find a new job that you're passionate about if you let it. It's an opportunity to spend quality time with your family. It's an opportunity to take time to recharge your batteries, take a walk, take in the breathtaking beauty of nature. It's an opportunity to catch up with friends and loved ones (we might need to stay home, but we do have the internet and cellphones--there's a plethora of methods to contact those dear to you that do not require you to be physically located next to them). It's an opportunity to do a home project you've been meaning to do but have told yourself that you don't have the time. It's an opportunity to sleep in and relax. It's an opportunity to find a new book or new show or new movie to enjoy. It's an opportunity to start a new hobby. It's an opportunity to practice gratitude. There's so many opportunities before you if you're willing to look for them; the universe is truly full of abundance. It's an opportunity to love and be loved. Don't let the situation bring you down; it's a great opportunity to raise yourself and those around you up.

I have enjoyed working from home (I am grateful to still have my job with my preschool even though we aren't physically at the preschool anymore). I do miss seeing my class every day, but it's nice to have a bit of flexibility with my work schedule. I've been able to sleep in more with my snugly cat (she definitely appreciates this change, especially after I was gone for a little over a week in Colorado--she definitely missed me). She's been following me around all the time. She'll wait for me to have breakfast (and then try to steal some of my breakfast). The sky has been breath-taking. I was able to see the sunrise on Friday before I went to help out a family in the neighborhood (I did some babysitting since the mom's a nurse and the dad works with the armed forces, meaning they are still both required to work). It was great to hang out with some kids again; we talked about Pokemon, listened to Disney music, watched Aladdin and the King of Thieves (they hadn't realized there were sequels to Aladdin), ordered some cookies from Panera, did some school work, and took it easy. The 5th grader wanted to discuss in depth My Hero Academia while the 7th grader was all about The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was a nice break from staying at home (there are some people taking these circumstances better than others.... certain individuals are not taking it so well and have a rather intense energy; such individuals left me resonating with my Ugly Duckling Tsum Tsum plush for a time, but I bounced back). It's okay to feel whatever emotion you feel, but it's important not to LIVE in that emotion (I've been listening to more Infinite Waters on YouTube). It's more than okay to feel; it's all apart of the human experience. It's not okay to take your feelings out on other people, though. We are all connected, all apart of the same Universe and love; when you hurt another, you are hurting yourself as you are them and they are you. If you feel yourself starting to go down that dark path (whether it's fear, panic, anger, anxiety, etc.), feel that emotion. Just don't dwell on it; it'll consume you if you're not careful. Take the moment to just breathe. Everything will be okay. Take a bath or shower if necessary. Get out into nature and sunshine. Drink some water. Do something to help you relax and laugh. Taking time for yourself and taking care of yourself is more than okay--it's healthy and necessary.

I took some me time to hang out with my kitty. I did some meditation in the sunshine with my crystal buddies. I've watched some new content from YouTuber's like The Magnificent Future, Infinite Waters, Angel Souls, Higher Realm Holistics, etc. I've enjoyed relaxing with some anime. Here's a funny story about when I was catching up on Ascendance of a Bookworm:

I was minding my own business, enjoying all the character interactions and development that was progressing. I was starting a new episode when Corliss noticed, and shouted, "WAIT!! WHO IS THAT HOT POCKET?!!?" I was pretty confused and asked what she meant. She replied, "The one with the blue hair!" I asked her if she meant the priest as I rewound the opening. She did not mean the priest--she had been referring to Main's father, but upon seeing the priest, she declared, "Well, hello, gorgeous!" She then began a very lengthy and descriptive comparison of all the characters on the screen. I kid you not, this easily lasted around half an hour. The characters were classified in different categories: hot pockets (such as ham and cheese, meatball, Philly cheese steak), future hot pockets, lean pockets, cold pockets (ranging for sort of cold to full on disappointing and still frozen). These same characters were then classified into new different categories: flawless dresses with pockets and no effort, dresses with no pockets, fitted skirts with buttons (not even having a zipper--the buttons were specifically in the back), dresses with saucy pockets, dresses with pockets that you put chocolate in only to have a s'mores come out with a "For you, my darling." I'll be honest, I don't remember all the specific details, but in the middle of this I must have had a look on my face because she asked me, "What??" I told her that this was getting rather intense. She tried to argue that it wasn't intense in the least, but it was at this time that I pointed out that she had been pointing at all the various characters with her toothbrush. She didn't just gesture towards the characters--there was EMPHASIS. It was rather humorous. It's too bad we didn't have any of that recorded; we always lament that it was too hilarious not to be recorded after it's too late and already over. Finding humor in the midst of all of this is vital. Laughter heals your soul and lifts your energy.

This situation has gotten me thinking about Fruits Basket and the original anime opening a lot:

"I was so happy when you smiled

Your smile breaks through the clouds of gray

Far from the sunny days that lie in sleep

Waiting with patience for the spring

When the flowers will bloom, renewed again

Knowing there's more beyond the pain of today

Although the scars of yesterday remain

You can go on living as much as your heart believes

You can't be born again 

Although you can change

Let's stay together always"

We might be in some cloudy, dark days right now, but love and joy can break through them, bringing back the light. It might take a bit of patience, but we will make it back to brighter times; there's so much more than any fear, pain, or suffering you might feel today. We can make it through all of this--we can make it through anything. We just need to believe, have faith, and tap into love. We have each other; by being our true selves and helping one another, we'll be just fine. We've got this! We have the opportunity to start new beginnings and have society reborn Stay blessed. my friends; you're capable of so much more than you realize.

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