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Love, Spirituality, and Awakening

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

This week has been full of love; for all those, who celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful holiday! It was incredible to sit down and share delicious meals with loved ones (the pretzel bites with cheese dip was simply scrumptious--it makes me hungry just thinking about it). It was so nice to spend time with all my loved ones; I got to see my 3 month-old cousin, Addie; she's so flipping cute! I had a long, deep, meaningful conversation with my uncle about positivity and making the most out of each day; he's been struggling with all the surgeries he's had the past few months due to his tumors. It's been rough, but he's focusing on being grateful. Unfortunately, not all of our family focuses on being mindful and positive, but he loved talking to me and bouncing ideas; I emphasized Uncle Iroh's point, "If you look for the light, you can often find it. If you look for the dark, it is all you will ever see." My uncle's eyes lit up when I shared that tidbit with him, and I could see it held profound meaning for him. After talking to him awhile, he commented, "Sorry that you've been stuck here talking with me." It took me aback. I immediately corrected him, "I'm not stuck at all. I can leave any time I want. I choose to be here." Again, it seemed to have profound impact on him, and he admitted, "Okay, I take it back. It's just a defense mechanism for me--to say it before anyone else can, but you're right." It so sad that anyone would think that, but I suspect there are many people out there that think that exact same thing. Friends, please remember: we are all worthy of love. We are all facets of the same source energy, and, thus, we are all, at our cores, the same. Send love to others. Live a life full of light, love, and harmony for all.

Corliss and I spent December 26th at Castlewood State Park; it was so beautiful out! Believe it or not, it was almost 70 degrees out--you read that right: almost 70 degrees in the Midwest only a few days into winter. Pretty surreal. It was so beautiful taking in all the wondrous scenery nature has to offer. The river was breathtaking. Plus, it seems TEAM FUN was at Castlewood, too. We saw such beautiful clouds, and we saw so many rainbows. Living is such a blessing. Look for the light! It's everywhere! Later on Saturday, we spent a good portion of the day at Half Price Books, which is something we haven't done in a LONG time. Books are wonderful. Honestly, we got a bit lost in all the books. You can't blame us... they're books for crying out loud! It didn't help that Half Price Books was having a store-wide 20% off sale. We did some looking into meanings of birth dates, horoscope signs, colorology, etc. just for the heck of it. Most of the descriptions were dead on about us (we were less impressed with the colorology book we happened to pick up, but there wasn't anything wrong with it). Apparently, my perfect match is a Virgo (not that I'm in a rush to find my life partner, but I am not opposed to finding them--so, life partner, if you're out there, reading this, feel free to reach out :P ).

I also spent plenty of time with April, her mom, and little Iris. It's so nice to spend time and share joy with one another. Iris was living her best life, having a blast riding her bike down the hill. Her joy was simply contagious. Later, she'd climb in my lap and just hang out. Well, that, and then take a tray with ridges from her play kitchen set, decide it was a ladder, make me hold it, and then climb up me, exclaiming, "UP THE LADDER!" before climbing back down, exclaiming, "DOWN THE LADDER!!" and then doing the same thing over and over and over and over again. This excited bundle of energy got so wound up with that game she invented. She so creative; I hope she never loses it or her imagination. This was mainly taking place while I was babysitting her so April could organize her room (surprise, surprise, it's not all that easy a feat to accomplish when you have an energetic, newly 2 year-old. Imagine that). Later I shared some of the videos from Spirit Science, Angel Souls, Aaron Abke, Aaron Doughty, Abraham Hicks, etc. that Corliss has shared with me. It's so nice to share insight with others and for those said others to be receptive to it.

2020 is quickly approaching, my friends. Things will definitely be changing. It's pretty exciting. Apparently, my color for 2020 is brilliance and that I need to "discover my sparkle." I feel like many people will be discovering their true potential with all these new energies taking place with the transition into 2020. While certain things may have worked for us in the past, things are changing, and we will need to release and let go of that which no longer works for us, that which no longer serves us. Holding on due to comfort, due to nostalgia, due to fear of the unknown, etc. will not help us. We need to embrace change and adapt with it, or it will be one painful, uncomfortable, long ride. We need to focus on discovering and being our authentic selves and make sure our priorities are straight--we need to focus on what really matters (love for all, including our selves, and our own happiness). Sure, material possessions and lots of money are nice, but they aren't necessary. Granted, there's no problem having these things, but they aren't the things that will, ultimately, make you and keep you happy. Don't sell yourself short with perspectives of lack--the universe is abundant. Don't lose faith. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is for your benefit. It will either be a blessing or a lesson. It's easy to get caught up in a mentality of life happening TO you in today's society, but don't fall for this trap. Life happens FOR you. Don't get ensnared by these fallacies and illusions that fear creates. Fear's a liar. Love is always the answer. Always. Love yourself. Love those around you, even when it's difficult. Love yourself to forgive yourself when you slip up. We're all on a journey of self actualization. We've got this! Mistakes are just opportunities to learn. Don't get swallowed up by negative energy and thoughts. You're so much more than that! That negativity is not the real you!

Spirit Science, Abraham Hicks, Angel Souls, Aaron Abke, Alan Watts, and Aaron Doughty are all individuals and resources that have helped me grow so much over winter break. I definitely recommend checking them out! Humanity will be growing considerably in the near future; it'd be beneficial to start your growth now! Spirit Science also has a online store (possibly a physical store, but, as they are founded in Canada and as I do not live in Canada, I do not know if they actually have one or not); their physical tarot cards look pretty incredible. Plus, they have a tarot card app ($5 from the google play store, which is completely reasonable). Corliss and I have tried it out, and the readings make complete sense for us and what we've been experiencing lately. My reading indicated that The Past was Purpose with the Three of Wands (basically saying that I have identified my end-goal/destination/purpose but also that I may still need to move forward to reach it). My Present is Ascension with the Six of Swords (it's telling me to let go of what no longer works for me--much like my 2020 color of Brilliance--and to rise up to meet the newer, brighter future that holds harmony, understanding, and spirituality). Finally, my Future is Faith with the Star (it urges me to connect my faith at the highest level, using it as a connection and inspiration to bring my dreams into the world--old paradigms of being have crumbled, while light shines through us with everyone we interact with, and we are connected to everyone). I've been hearing these messages over and over and over again throughout my winter break, especially. It's time to move onto bigger and better things; Corliss and I decided at the start of 2019 that this would be a year of bigger and better things, and we are now starting to fully grasp and comprehend what precisely that all means. It's a super exciting time right now.

Corliss and I have been experiencing all sorts of surreal occurrences. Don't get me wrong; everything happens for a reason and for our benefit. Sometimes our own human minds and egos get in the way of comprehending what all of it means, though. For instance, this week we have seen more UFOs than ever before in our lives. I was driving Corliss home after spending a fun day together last Sunday (December 23rd). She was playing some more insightful videos (I think it was Alan Watts, but I could be mistaken). I attempted to focus, but I kept getting distracted by a light in the sky. It kept drawing my attention (which could be dangerous when you're driving on the highway, but I digress). After a good 5-10 mintues of trying to ignore it (mentally going through my mind, trying to place it: no, not a star. No, not an air plane. No, not a helicopter. No, not any kind of human air craft...) I finally admitted, "Sorry, I haven't paid all that close attention to what the video is saying. I keep getting distracted by that light up ahead. It's not a star. It's not a plane. It's not a helicopter... I just... can't... It bothers me. I know it shouldn't." Corliss then exclaimed, "GREAT! It wasn't just me! I was trying to ignore it." Another light then appeared right next to it. It became EXTREMELY apparent that there was no way they could be human creations; they moved in ways impossible for human constructs. Then over the next 45 minutes to an hour we saw 33 additional UFOS: triangles, diamonds, five-points, six-points. They were everywhere! It blew our minds. They just kept appearing out of (what appeared to be) nowhere. Sirius A proceeded to change colors, specifically all of the chakra colors in chronological order, starting with red. We saw a "shooting star." Smoke-like clouds appeared out of nowhere. It didn't seem to have an end. We were getting rather tired from all of this (it happened to be after midnight), and I decided to head on home. I then saw 6 more UFOs on the way home. The one that stood out to me the most was the one that resembled a smaller sun, but it had the color of a bright, white firework. We decided to look up the meanings behind the numbers. 39, the total number I saw, has the symbolism in optimism, creativity, humanitarianism, idealism, etc. 33, the total we saw together, symbolizes creativity, intelligence, communication skills, communication with the Divine, etc. 6, the number I saw by myself, symbolizes balance. It didn't stop there, however. We saw more UFOs when we were together again on Thursday (December 26th). We saw 7 on the drive to her place (7 being a highly spiritual number connected with inner wisdom, intuition, deep inner knowing, mysticism, etc.). I then saw 4 more on my drive home (4 being a number that connects mind, body, and spirit and symbolizes stability and "being"). I saw 11 UFOs total that day (11 connecting to leadership, high vibration, initiative, optimism, positivity, etc.). (See Angel Numbers from for more information) It's really intriguing that these incidents have only occurred recently as we approach 2020 and only when Corliss and I have been together; we have not seen any when we are apart. Truly, lots of big changes are happening; humanity will be making a huge, positive change in consciousness real soon. I wish you all well; may you receive love, light, and harmony~

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