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Happy Super Full Moon in Aquarius!

I hope everyone is doing well and that the recent super full moon energies are treating you kindly. The energies were a bit intense here, leaving a sense of lethargy; even Tsuki felt it and spent a lot more time snoozing. My friends were telling me about how exhausted they've been feeling and how they've unintentionally slept in, too. Pretty sure we've been needing to rest in order to prepare for what's coming. If you want to learn more about the recent super full moon in Aquarius, feel free to check out the videos below!

Remembering my dream was a bit fuzzy when I woke up Monday morning, but I know I happened to have two baby kittens that looked just like Tsuki. Not sure where they came from, but they were super cute. I ended up getting this crocheted bee plushie from one of the AMBSDR members, too. There was something about playing video games with family members, and the games involved Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. That's all I could remember once I woke up.

I kept waking up Tuesday morning, so I was feeling a bit sleepy when I officially got up. My dream seemed to involve shopping at what seemed to be Target. I had been getting a variety of deals and clearance items. Some of them seemed to be holiday themed, like Halloween and Christmas. I had stumbled across one of my aunt's friends that I pet sit for, and she told me all about the work that was apparently being done on their house, such as major landscaping on their yard. There also seemed to be something going on with this small group whom had lost members/family members. It seemed sort of like they were going to have a funeral. More definitely happened, but that's all I ended up remembering.

Things were incredibly muddled when I awoke Wednesday morning, and I couldn't remember any of the details from my dream. I woke up a few times Thursday morning. My dream recall was a bit hazy. I had been at some mall. At first I seemed to be hanging out with April, her mom, and Iris. They seemed to have a picnic of sorts at a table and several puppies were around. It almost seemed like they had been watching the bunch, but the puppies were running rampant. There were a variety of Lego sculptures on display at the various stores, including a white treasure chest.

Then there seemed to be some kind of camp/field trip at the mall. There were several groups wearing different colored shirts. They would go to the different stores to do different activities and play. At one, a staff member gave the kids 3 options, one of which was to create an original ice cream using Goldfish crackers for 22 cents. Not sure which they chose, but it wasn't the ice cream. Then there was this group outside discussing art, such as paintings and collages. One painting featured a split painting, seeming to be a before and after of sorts for this trio of girls. Another was a collage of this guy made using photographs and a variety of filters, effects, and editing. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking.

I woke up multiple times again Friday morning, and I'm not sure why. My dream recall was fairly fuzzy. There was something about being out in a forest. While out in the forest, there were a variety of woodland creatures/mythological creatures. Some of them could shrink in size or grow bigger. Others could go invisible. Poppy seemed to be among them. They seemed to be in a bit of trouble, and it seemed like someone or something was hunting them down. They ended up fleeing and going on the run. As they/we fled (not sure if I was myself or one of the creatures), we ended up at a park. As we were getting ready to head towards a bridge, I got an increasingly bad feeling and listened to my intuition. It had become night, and the feeling told me to avoid the direction we were heading like the plague. I told others, shouting, and some refused to listen. Others that listened seemed to pick up on that something was awry. We ended up heading to a lit pavilion area by a large tree; intuition told me to stay in the light and avoid the shadows, so I passed on the message. We lost contact with those that didn't listen, and it felt like something horrible happened to them. Never found out what was after the group, but we did end up meeting with Corliss. That's everything I could recall, but more likely occurred.

I kept waking up again Saturday morning, leaving me feeling rather groggy. My dream seemed all over the place, but details were rather fuzzy. There was something about being at a school, and it seemed to involve the characters from American Dragon. There was something about my aunt and cousins coming to visit from Colorado; my parents got pizza for everyone to eat. I think we were going to go on a trip. There might have been an RV, but it got muddled. There was something else about some kind of battle/infiltration, maybe involving the yakuza. Pretty sure I was also discussing voice actors like, Jonah Scott, with Corliss at one point, too. More definitely happened, but specific details were tricky to nail down once awake.

A lot seemed to happen in my dream Saturday night/this morning, although I couldn't remember everything. The first thing I could remember was being at some kind of school. An alert/alarm went off as the building was on fire on the other side. I packed up my things and left the building with the others. I decided to go home, so I put my belongings inside my car. My ex showed up, trying to hug me and act like nothing had happened, like we were still together. I just kind of looked at him, quirked an eyebrow, and remarked, "Really? You're going to act like nothing happened?" He acknowledged that things weren't the same (basically that he had been in the wrong) but retorted without looking at me that he wanted things to go back to how they were (with us being together) but that he didn't want to change his ways. I was unimpressed and gave him a bland "good luck with that" in response. I continued what I was doing, packing up my car, and he seemed to leave, disappointed (considering that he's the one that broke up with me via text after lying and suddenly leaving mid-conversation with me and my friends, I'm not sure what he was expecting). This girl appeared at the front of my car, seeming to taunt me. I was confused and not sure where she came from/what her deal was. She then started threatening me; apparently, she's the one who had set the building on fire. She decided she was going to set my car on fire, tossing a lit lighter or match into the grass and catching it on fire. I got on my phone, calling the police/fire department about her and the situation. Pretty sure I ended up leaving, not wanting to be involved with the energies any longer.

Then I seemed to be at Target with my family. I passed by the photo area and found my aunt Angie and her husband in the middle of some surprise. I think they were going to have another baby, and Addie (their 3-year-old) wanted my help getting stuff for the family calendar they give my grandpa each year. Later I was wandering around the store and found April. We happened to be in the electronics/entertainment area. Someone started discussing Avatar the Last Airbender with me, although the story seemed to a bit different in the dream realm (something about this elderly lady kicking butt). People started getting freaked out, as there was some kind of creature on the loose. The creature seemed to be the panda spirit from the show when it was an angry spirit; people had given it some kind of unusual name, but I couldn't remember what it was. They were panicking because it was making it's way towards the section of the store. The staff started closing down sections of the store in attempt to keep people safe. I ended up at the checkout with my family and wondered where April had gotten off to. I asked them if they had seen her, but they hadn't. I started calling her phone, hoping to get her to come to the checkout so we could safely leave, but she didn't answer her phone. The staff wouldn't let people leave without their whole group with them. I waited at the exit for April, trying to spot her amidst all the people. I thought I saw her near my cousin Drake, but it turned out to be someone else. After a bit I spotted her, and she left with us. We got into the car with my dad while my mom and other got in her car. My sister Emily got into the seat behind us, quietly, but April hadn't seen her. April didn't believe that Emily was in the car with us, but Emily was apparently feeling really tired and trying to sleep in the back. She got up and put her face right behind April, seeming to try and mess with her while letting her know that she was there. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember once I woke up.

It was a pretty chill week of babysitting this week since the boys had finished their online summer courses, which they were all too excited about. The younger brother had band camp, while the older brother opted to chill at home with their dogs and me. They had haircut appointments this week, too. It was nice not to have such packed schedules as summer winds down to a close.

Tsuki enjoyed a pretty chill week. She spent a lot of the week sprawled out on her window shelf, lounging, snoozing, and birdwatching. Tsuki enjoyed watching the rain and taking it easy. She also decided to enjoy plenty of cozy cat naps on the couch; we often found her snuggling on the blanket on the couch in the evening. Tsuki had a blast playing with her toys, snuggling with me, and hiding underneath paper. We enjoyed a week full of fun and relaxation together; Tsuki's such an adorable, loveable goof.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

I continued writing more new content for Creativity Chronicles and creating YouTube shorts this week! What's more exciting is that my one tie dye short has received over 2 million views! It's pretty impressive for only a month of publishing shorts. Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts, and you're always welcome to provide suggestions and recommendations for future content!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Lion's Gate is just around the corner, and it feels like it's gonna be huge this year. Things definitely feel like they're heating up and will never be the same again. Big things feel like they're looming just over the horizon, so find your inner peace. For better or for worse, we've got this! Be gentle with yourself, and embrace the process even if we experience some turbulence. The journey is key, and it's just as important as the destination. Give yourself permission to laugh, cry, love, have fun, scream, and everything in-between; live authentically. You're worthy, and it's okay to be yourself in your entirety. The right people will have your back no matter what, so cherish those that do and let go of those that are no longer on your highest path. It can be sad saying goodbye, but everyone deserves to live their best life where they thrive. Allow the old cycles to end and your new chapter to begin! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and a phenomenal August!

Food for thought to consider for the week:

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