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Happy October!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying October thus far! This week was a considerably more chill week (both in terms of temperature and energy/busyness). My friend ended up staying over ever since we had gone out of state for her dad's funeral; we ended up getting into many deep conversations that had so many entwined threads. We had plenty of fun, too, creating jokes and having a good time. She had me start watching "The Good Place" with her, and something felt off from the get-go; the show is certainly something, and it just has us wondering what else could possibly happen.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy Monday morning, and it was pretty tempting to go back to sleep. Just wasn't feeling it when I woke up. Specific details were pretty elusive, but there was something about travel. I think Corliss and I were going somewhere and that there might have been someone else/other people with us. Not sure about the intended destination. Some creature/being seemed to be after us. As to why, I couldn't say. Seemed to be hunting us down for whatever reason. Not sure if it could tell if we were in the car or not. A lot happened, but that's all I could remember.

Dream recall was fairly fuzzy again Tuesday morning, but I could tell a lot happened. From what I could remember, April, Corliss, and I were some kind of teachers and quite good at it. There was something about me coming across some roller skates and having fun, maybe traveling around the school that way. There was something weird going on with fish. Someone had a number in this plastic shopping bag that spilled over. This sink was overflowing I think and helping give the fish more water, but they were heading towards this drain. They weren't typical fish, though. While they came in a variety of sizes, types, and colors, they seemed to be mutant fish. I don't remember all the specifics, but I specifically recall there being a type that was "frog fish." These fish were a cross between a fish and a tree frog and had long, skinny legs that allowed them to walk (which they did without issue). More definitely occurred, but that's everything I remembered once awake.

I was still pretty sleepy when I woke up on Wednesday, which seemed to impact my dream recollection. I'm pretty sure my dream had to do with travel, but specific details got muddled and seemed to be veiled in a haze. Kind of felt like it was important, whatever it was, though. I was fairly groggy when I woke up Thursday morning, too. It felt like a lot transpired in the dream realm, but details were so hazy. Whatever happened, it was important. It was so tempting to go back to sleep Friday morning, and I almost did on accident. Dream recall was a bit muddled, but there was something about being at the ocean. There was a group of people chilling/playing at the beach. They seemed to think I was cool. There was some kind of advertisement spray painted on the underside of a bridge, and there was something else about using a river/waterfall on a mountain/cliff to connect with loved ones (I think traveling via the water). I think my mom was shopping/trying on clothes while complaining about one of her sisters, too. More happened, but I couldn't remember specifics once awake.

Dream recall from Friday night/Saturday morning was incredibly hazy, too. It felt like a lot happened, but specific details were elusive. When I woke up this morning, I knew a lot happened in my dreams again, but I could remember bits and pieces from it. At one point I was at some store with Corliss, Iris, and April. Someone called me Stephanie for some reason, and Iris was excited to talk with me a lot. More happened at that part of the dream, but details got fuzzy. At another point the dream involved Yugi-Oh cards and melting crayons for some reason. I think we were at my house and that it was snowing. For some reason my car got parked at my neighbor's house--it had gotten transported there for some reason, and my neighbor asked for me to move it. More probably happened, but then next thing I could remember was going out to some town with a small group of people (I think it was Corliss, April, and Iris but I'm not 100% certain). Someone wanted to get toys out of a claw machine. Some boy started flying a remote control plane, and it crashed into a wall after flying away out of sight. I picked it up, handing it to him and trying to explain that it had had pieces broken off. He didn't want to believe me.

Then I remembered something about going with the boys I babysit on some sort of trip/vacation. They might have been going to Chicago, but I'm not entirely sure. We were on a school bus with other people. Details got hazy, but then there was something about islands. These islands tried to play it off like they were like a paradise, but the inhabitants/visitors weren't allowed to leave. People thought they wanted to be there, and something seemed to be manipulated and having their mind/thinking messed with. It seemed like their perception was getting warped and like they were having the impulse/will of going elsewhere was smothered and eliminated. I think one of the people managed to escape and managed to get aboard this tiny boat in the ocean. He ended up on another island, but this one seemed a lot smaller. Kind of gave off the same vibe as the first, but there was a much smaller group of people, like 5-10. They seemed happy to see the guy, but I'm not sure if they knew each other previously. There were some strange animals/creatures on the island. One of them looked sort of like a chipmunk or squirrel, but it had a whole bunch of sharp, pointy teeth like a shark. The creature started eating things, taking bites out of wood and such. The man seemed to have the idea that they could potentially leave the island/that there was more to the world than the island. I think he was trying to get the others to leave the island. He ended up getting blocked by some kind of energetic wall/barrier. I think the dream ended with him trying to figure out how to get past them. So much happened in the dream, and it left me kind of sleepy when I awoke.

It was a pretty typical week of babysitting/tutoring. The older brother was frustrated with traffic, as per usual (been trying to work on him taking a breath and staying calm--it's a work in progress). The younger brother was a bit anxious about his D&D meeting over the weekend since one of his friends that randomly quit all of a sudden months ago was now suddenly joining back up again. How they decided to quit sounded super awkward and inconsiderate, too. Wishing the best for them. They were also going to go to the apple orchard over the weekend as a family, too, so they should be able to have some fun.

Tsuki enjoyed a really chill week, full of rest and relaxation. She definitely prefers the cooler weather. With the cooler fall weather, Tsuki enjoyed plenty of snuggling, getting all cozy and warm. She's a great cuddle buddy and is just so cute and lovable. As per usual, she got into plenty of wild antics and shenanigans, and she was super excited that I bought her some new cat toys. Tsuki also savored the sunshine out on the porch. Overall, it was a rather laid-back week, and we both appreciated it (she was super happy to have me home this weekend).

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

I created new content for Creativity Chronicles this week and YouTube shorts! Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

As we approach the holiday season, make sure to be gentle with yourself and make space for self-care. It's all too easy in today's society to get caught up in massive to-do lists and spread ourselves too thin. It's okay to take a breather; it's actually crucial in avoiding burnout. Give yourself grace as you're doing the best you can. Your pace is uniquely your own, so there's no need to compare your journey to another person's. You have your own unique talents, skills, experiences, and gifts to offer the world, so allow yourself to share them in a healthy way. My friend and I got into such conversations a number of times, with feelings of how "more should be done." Who's to say that this chapter in your life isn't needed? Maybe this chapter will make your comeback story all the more powerful and inspirational for yourself and others.

Don't sell yourself short. You are worthy. You are valuable and deserving. You are stronger than you realize. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. The timing may not be how you anticipated it to be, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible. And remember, "impossible" literally says "I'm possible." Don't give up. Don't lose faith. Focus on taking things bit by bit, step by step. Before you know it, you'll have come so far. Have a wonderful week, show yourself some TLC, and listen to your heart! You've got this!

Food for thought for the week:

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