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Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!

It was a busy week, full of babysitting, pet sitting, writing, art, hanging out with Tsuki, visiting with friends, and beating the heat. Things got extra nutty this week, and I'm guessing it's due to the full moon energies. People were acting quite zany, seeming to have lost their minds. People were acting recklessly and dangerously, and my friends and I almost got hit while walking on the sidewalk because the driver decided to drive off the road. It was more than just a little concerning. It definitely had us wanting to walk less because things kept happening. Hopefully, things were calmer for everyone else. If you wanted to learn more about the recent full moon, feel free to check out the videos below!

I didn't sleep well Sunday night/Monday morning; it was super difficult falling asleep and staying asleep, which left me rather exhausted when it was time to get up. I slept more Monday night/Tuesday morning, and my dreams seemed all over the place. Dream recall was a bit hazy, but the first thing I could remember was it being nighttime. There were some kids/pre-teens wandering around the street. I got a feeling that something was coming and that they were in danger, so I requested that they come inside. I started turning off lights, drawing curtains, and trying to move things in front of doors to secure the entryways. I wasn't sure what exactly was coming, but it felt important for everyone's well-being that I be prepared and make it look like no one was there. I even requested that the other go quiet, as noise seemed like it would give us away, too. Somehow this lion being ended up in the house unannounced; I'm not sure how they got inside, but it didn't feel good to have it inside. It started off male and eventually turned into a female. I remember telling it that it wasn't invited and basically that it had to leave. After repeating this many times, it ended up forced out of the house. I'm not sure what its intentions were.

A lot more happened, but the next thing I could remember is there being this white creature that was some kind of worm that ate "bubble tape." It was obsessed with the stuff. It started off small, but the more of the "bubble tape" it ate, the larger it got. It was not happy when the tape ran out and when this kid had promised there was more. It had decided to eat the kid, but somehow I managed to talk it out of doing so. I thanked it for its kindness in not eating the kid (it had snapped and been dead set on eating the kid); it didn't seem like it was malicious in nature, just that it was very much consumed by its obsession/cravings for the tape. That's all I could remember upon waking, but the dream realm had been very active that night.

Quite a lot happened in my dream from Tuesday night. The first thing I could remember was being out at this ocean/lake. There was this large rock structure/pillar/mountain in the middle of it that I was on. There were several other people there, at least one guy and his mom, and I think there was another girl there, too. The guy was supposed to be collaborating with me on some kind of project or task, but he didn't seem to trust me/think I could handle it. I ended up working on it anyway and doing a stellar job. Maybe it had something to do with a divine partnership as I remember something being mentioned about Adam and Eve, and I want to say that the mother's name was Lilith. The dream transitioned, and I was walking around with my friends at night. I think we were traveling to some destination, but I couldn't remember where exactly it was or what the purpose was. Details got fuzzy. I ended up on the phone/on a podcast with Michelle Patterson from Angel Souls, and we were discussing sacred partnerships and the Garden of Eden, coming to realizations and recognizing what no longer served.

The dream transitioned again, and I ended up back at the children's museum I used to work at. There was a social studies/courtroom field trip going on, and I ran into the two teachers I used to help out; they ran up to me, hugging me and exclaiming how much they missed me. More happened, and I ended up traveling to some school. Not sure why I was going to the school, but one of the boys I babysit was there in a small group of 6 for something to do with band. His group was complaining about how things were unfair with school and how things didn't make sense. The next thing I could remember I was in some kind of tropical rain forest. Scooby Doo and Shaggy were there, hiding amongst the foliage, too afraid to come out from hiding. There was the Pokémon toucanon there, and it was frightened by this group of hyena. A small group ended up going with the toucanon to help it, and we stumbled across this shiny chimchar. This chimchar was golden, and it had a hairdo that resembled Bebe from the original Proud Family; April thought it was absolutely adorable. We found the group of hyena, and they were blocking this path; I ended up helping battle them with a Pikachu, and a couple of other kids helped, too, but they had to catch Pokémon first. Two boys ended up going fishing. The one caught a squirtle, and the other caught this itty bitty, little magikarp; it was actually super cute. We ended up getting the group of hyena to scatter and clear the path. More probably happened, but that's the last thing I remembered upon waking up.

I ended up being able to remember less from my dream when I woke up Thursday morning, although that was likely in part due to the fact that I struggled falling asleep and didn't get that much sleep. From what I could recall, I was at a school. It sort of seemed to be my high school but didn't seem to be an exact fit. I'm pretty sure there were some of my high school classmates there, though. I started off in what seemed to be some social studies class, but I couldn't remember what the topic/subject matter actually was. Pretty sure I was wearing a red shirt with Sesshomaru and InuYasha on it, though. The class ended, and I think one of my classmates ended up taking one of my bags of stuff. I stopped by my locker to exchange class materials for my next class, which was apparently math, and got a note from someone. The note came from the head/president of this computer club that I had apparently joined; it seemed like it was Gus from The Owl House. Turned out that I was the only other member, and he was asking why I joined, out of curiosity more than anything. More could have occurred, but that's all I could remember.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy when I woke up Friday morning; there was something about changing clothes/outfits I think, but everything else was a blur. Dream recall wasn't any clearer when I woke up on Saturday morning, either. I could remember more from my dream this morning, although details were still kind of murky. There was something about fall leaves at one point, but the main thing I remember was being indoors in like a kitchen/dining area. People were working on trying to fix a gas stove as it didn't want to light/start. Then there was some kind of birthday cake with a variety of candles that people were lighting. More happened, but I'm not sure what.

The boys were excited for their first week of summer break. The younger brother was enrolled in all sorts of camps and activities, while the older brother was keen on taking some downtime to chill at home. We enjoyed discussing best moments of funny characters like the Genie, Mushu, and Chat Noir. They also enjoyed discussing Fruits Basket as well as animated characters that share the same voice actors; they found it funny that Tommy Pickles and Buttercup have the same voice actress as well as the fact the "Miroku" faced off against "Nigel Thornberry" in the Barbie and The Nutcracker movie. Their first week of summer break was full of fun and pretty chill; the older brother had a major swim meet out of town this weekend, too, and he even won some metals!

Tsuki's a goof, but that's no surprise; she had a blast playing with her inclined scratcher and wedging herself in the opening. Tsuki savored her cat naps, getting so very cozy on the chairs and in her cat house. For the most part it was a pretty chill week, at least as long as I was at home with Tsuki (others were another story). She was bummed out when I started pet sitting at the end of the week, but she'll be excited that it's only for several days instead of the longer stretches like in the past.

I pet sat for someone my mom knows through work, and they got a new puppy named Oakley. She's a definite wild child; she tore a paper towel roll to shreds when her owner forgot to put her up. Oakley is so energetic and seems like a little Tasmanian Devil; Clyde has been getting fed up with her antics, too.

I continued working on this diamond art project this week and got pretty close to finishing:

I wrote more new content for Creativity Chronicles this week! Feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

No matter how insane the outside world seems to get (and things might get rather heated this summer), don't let it rob your sanity. Your peace of mind is the highest form of wealth. Prioritize your inner world because you matter. Practice self-care, get plenty of rest, and do what you enjoy. You're worthy. You deserve a life full of joy, peace, prosperity, love, and laughter. Do something each day to make it a reality. The world is better with you in it, so remember to be gentle with yourself and show yourself some kindness. Have a wonderful rest of your week and stay blessed~

Food for thought to consider:

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