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Happy Full Moon In Aquarius!

I hope you enjoyed the full moon in Aquarius! Did anyone else experience complications with sleep around the full moon? I kept waking up, thinking that I had overslept and was late for taking care of the doggies. It would be at like 3, 4, or 5 in the morning (and I had to take care of the dogs around 6 or 7 am). I'm not sure why I kept waking up. I also felt extra tired around the full moon. It's the second full moon in Aquarius; maybe that's why? Or maybe it has something to do with incoming energies. Do you have any thoughts about it? I included some videos with information on this special blue moon below if you're interested:

The main thing I remembered from my dream when I woke up on Monday morning was Sesshomaru. There was some kind of small house/building out in the woods. I started off there but decided to venture off into the forest. I happened to be wearing Rin’s outfit (albeit a larger version—it was the checkered kimono she wore as a child traveling around with Sesshomaru). I ended up venturing pretty far out into the woods. Sesshomaru appeared, and it seemed like he was keeping an eye on me (ensuring my safety). I think we talked briefly, but I don’t remember what was actually said. I think this happened multiple times (starting off at that home/building and then venturing out into the forest) because at one point I was putting on additional clothes on top of Rin’s outfit to ward off the cold (it might have been snowing a bit). For some reason I decided to put on the black soul reaper/Shinigami outfit from Bleach (but I remember in my dream that it was specifically Rukia’s). Sesshomaru showed up closer this time (I didn’t have to go as far out into the woods) and quirked an eyebrow. Granted, this could be because I was wearing a different outfit over the one he was used to seeing me in, because I was venturing out into the cold (and being a foolish human), or a combination of both. He didn’t exactly seem bothered by it perse, but it felt as if he didn’t really understand it. I don’t think it bothered me, and I’m pretty sure I was happily chatting to him as we wandered through the woods. I think more happened, and I remember stumbling across buildings/stores that were titled things like “Mewtwo IV X VI” (there were four different buildings all involving Mewtwo and roman numerals for whatever reason). Sesshomaru was still with me at that point. I think I was frustrated that the buildings were there; they were abandoned, and it felt like they marred the natural beauty of the surroundings. I’m pretty sure I considered asking Sesshomaru to get rid of them. I wonder if he would have. I think the dream kind of transitioned, and I was babysitting one of the boys. It somehow involved Ralph Smart, too, but I think he was watching Ralph's videos on a smartphone. That’s all I remembered.

I mentioned my dream to Corliss, and it was rather interesting. She informed me about her dream, and it turns out we had both dreamed of InuYasha characters. Her dream had Kagome and her friends in it. They were between lunch and bathroom breaks. There was was a bully that was messing with them, but they took it in stride. She was in Kagome's perspective. It was really intriguing, and Corliss agreed with me, finding it interesting that we both embodying characters from InuYasha in dreams during the same night/morning. What are the odds? Out of curiosity, did anyone else dream about InuYasha characters Sunday night/Monday morning?

My dream from Monday night/Tuesday morning started off with me being back at college. I think there was going to be some kind of art show or something. Several of my college art instructors were there. There was a group of students that were working on assignments/getting ready for the show. It was sort of like a class (since there was work we were supposed to do), but it was all being done during free time. I wandered around the halls of the art building, deciding where I wanted to work. I started doing some work at an isolated computer away from other people for a bit before going on a walk to check in with people. I ended up walking in a circle around the hallways in attempt to find them. By the time I returned back where I started, I found some of the classmates were working when I had been. I shrugged and found a new place to work, unbothered. I ended up working by like the vending machines. There was some kind of new chips in them. Someone was asking if I had ever tried them before (I think it might have been a teacher or substitute, but I didn’t recognize them). I explained that I hadn’t but that there was a giant bag of them on the table for whatever reason. One of my teachers appeared and explained that it wasn’t actually chips inside; he pulled out some kind of drying plant (it had been in there for what seemed like a while) and claimed it was lettuce (while it was leafy and had layers, it definitely didn’t look like any kind of lettuce I’ve ever seen). I think the teacher left with the other person. I decided to stretch and relax. I kind of goofed off for a bit; the teacher came back and I think was judging me for not working, but I didn’t care one bit (I mean, it was my own time, so I can use it how I please). He started trying to figure out how to turn on some lights for like a closet. He was convinced a switch was broken. He started trying out various light switches and turned the lights out at various parts of the art building. I called out that he had been darkening the rest of the art building. Eventually he found the switch he was looking for. Not sure what he planned to do, but I decided to leave, figuring I was done for the day and didn’t feel like working any longer.

I ended up meeting up with April. Eric was with her. She invited me to go to the local children's museum with her. I shrugged, figuring it wouldn’t hurt to go there for a bit (it had about an hour left until it closed). As we approached, I remember seeing Iris and April’s mom walking out; someone else was with them, but I couldn’t tell who. No one else seemed to notice. I had also noticed April’s mom’s car parked out front (no one else noticed that either). It had some swings outside on the path leading to the entrance. Turns out the swings moved and could take you towards the entrance (even though they looked like traditional swings, they ended up being sort of like chair lifts). I ended up hanging off of it for the heck of it (I think I did it to have fun/feel free) while the others ended up sitting on the swings. The head of after care for one of the schools I used to work at ended up being there (I guess she worked there) and was being rather nasty, saying that we had to leave the property if we weren’t going to pay. I continued walking with April, raising a brow, confused, because April had a membership, meaning she had paid (plus, she could bring guests with her--it really made no sense that she was acting like that). I shrugged it off and ignored her nasty attitude. We got inside, and Eric went off to wash his hands. He was calling April to go wash her hands, too, but April didn’t want to go inside the bathroom. She called it a “hollow bathroom” for some reason and refused to go in. I noticed that there were a couple of sinks outside the bathroom and asked if she’d rather use those. She agreed to that, and we washed our hands. Apparently, the sink I used was a bit clogged and overflowed a bit. I wiped up the slight spill of water, and we wandered around the place.

It turned into a school (resembling the middle school I went to). I ended up going to this class the counselors picked for me. It was a foreign language. The teacher/classmates claimed it was French class (didn’t really seem like it to me). I was getting confused; they kept having one word/set of words meaning three completely different things. The only way to differentiate meaning was on how it was written (i.e. if it was in a different font or written backwards). It was messing with my head. The teacher pulled me aside (the class had been going on for a while, and the counselors had transferred me in). She told me I should really learn at least nine of the words a day, and that I would need to know all of them by the end of the week. This made me a bit uncomfortable, leaving me feeling rather rushed. I told her I would do my best (but I wasn’t guaranteeing anything). I thought to myself that I would talk to the counselors about switching out—they had decided for me that I should take the class; while I was open to new things, it just didn’t feel right for me. I remember glancing at my schedule to see what other classes I was in; I remember seeing art as well as orchestra. I was confused at why the counselors stuck me into orchestra, but I thought that maybe learning an instrument could be fun (but I also considered talking to the counselors about that class, too--it seemed like they were deciding a lot of things for me and weren't even bothering to consult me). The “school day” seemed to end. The teachers seemed to be talking amongst themselves more than paying any mind to the students, and the students seemed to recognize this. They were making comments about how the teachers didn’t even know which student was going to which car, guessing amongst themselves and deliberating with each other because they were too busy with their conversations. The students were rather miffed. I ended up leaving out the back and met up with April. We ended up on like a dock by some kind of water. I think a plane flew by overhead rather low in the air. We got into a discussion. April made some kind of remark about being awful at relationships (like having trash ones). I replied that she didn’t have trash relationships, she just needed to work on boundaries; once healthy boundaries were in place, her relationships would improve drastically. That’s the last thing I remembered before waking up.

What I could remember from my dream when I woke up Wednesday morning started off with meeting some people (I think April was included) by a car. I think we were planning to hangout, but they were busy at the moment. Somehow, I ended up at a school. I ended up having a teaching partner that seemed a lot like my 5th grade teacher (maybe it was her). The kids in our class were probably around 4 years old. We were taking them to dismissal and probably about 10 of the forgot their backpacks. I grabbed as much as I could to bring to the kids and return the belongings to their rightful owners, but it took several trips. The next thing I remember involved galactic beings. There seemed to be a group that wished humanity well and a group that didn't. The benevolent group ended up stopping the other group with their space craft and basically arrested them. There also seemed to be a galactic war taking place (sort of made me think of Voltron), but I don't really remember all that many specific details.

I didn't remember much from my dream when I woke up on Thursday morning. What I did remember involved going on a trip. I think I went to Colorado. I remember that my aunt Heather was there for sure, and I know others were with me (I think we were visiting our relatives out in Colorado). I think I ended up staying in like this place that was sort of like an attic. I know there were Ralph Smart videos involved. I think I ended up leaving when I got tired to go to sleep while other people stayed up. At one point I was talking to my aunt Heather; I think the others had gone outside to go somewhere. She made some comment about “guess what I’m going to do?” She had made a bag/purse out of newspaper and was thinking about selling them. She also made a comment about how tired my mom seemed to be. I pointed out that she should just go to sleep then, and I think we both reached the conclusion that my mom wouldn’t do that (she tends to be stubborn and often says she “can’t” do things because it’s not what she’s “supposed” to do). More happened, but it’s hazy. I know at one point it turned into an InuYasha theme; Miroku was happy to see Kagome because she had been off training somewhere (it was probably inspired by a recent fanfic I read—Sesshomaru was hardcore training Kagome to improve her skills/physical fitness). That’s all I really remembered.

I didn't remember too much from my dream from Thrusday night/Friday morning. I know InuYasha characters were involved at one point. I know that I met up with people at one point. Something seemed a bit off (kind of like something bad was going to happen), and then it turned into the scene from Lion King 2 when the alligators/crocodiles were after Kovu and Kiara. I'm pretty sure they were adults instead of cubs, though. Pretty sure they got away. I almost feel like Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony was involved somehow, but it's all hazy. I know a whole lot happened, but I couldn't really remember specifics upon waking up. I didn't remember much of anything from my dreams on Saturday morning, either, but I think it was partially due to repeatedly waking up. Seriously, I would startle awake, convinced that I had overslept/was late, and it'd be like 2, 3, 4, 5 in the morning. It was rather interrupted sleep, so I imagine that's why my recollection is so hazy (or I wasn't able to get into a deep enough sleep to dream). I didn't remember too much from my dreams when I woke up this morning either; it was another night of waking up a bunch. I didn't think that I was late this time or that I overslept, but I kept waking up all the same. I think InuYasha characters were involved at some point and that it was slightly influenced by The Ancient Magus' Bride since Corliss had me start watching it with her the night before, but I can't recall any specifics.

The boys were back from vacation and were excited to chat with me again. The older of the two gushed that he saw that there was a trailer released for Season 2 of YashaHime. He questioned me about if I had seen it and wanted to discuss all about it. He was excited that Kagome and InuYasha were coming back for real (not just being in flashbacks). He proceeded to show me different anime he could watch on their TV, and I pointed out that there was YashaHime (he hadn't noticed). He was surprised but excited, exclaiming, "That's great! That's the best fit for me to watch since it's the sequel to InuYasha!" He cracks me up; he also considered watching other anime because I had mentioned it before. He has such a sharp memory; if I mention something once, odds are he's going to remember it for quite some time (if not indefinitely--he remembers things I said in passing from years ago). We talked a lot about InuYasha (including the commercial that used to air for InuYasha that was literally just Kagome and InuYasha screaming each others names LOL); he didn't believe me that it was an actual thing. Once I showed him he was stunned, shocked speechless, in disbelief. Once that wore off, though, he thought it was hilarious. He loves talking about InuYasha memes (his most recent favorite is the one about InuYasha and Sesshomaru--"Every time Sesshomaru sees InuYasha. Sesshomaru: You've yee'd your last haw"). He's also been trying to Rick Roll me, but I actually have never been bothered by "Never Gonna Give You Up." It was pretty humorous seeing his attempts/hearing him discuss various hidden/secret Rick Roll videos (apparently, there's a whole playlist). We also talked about "Orenji Man." They showed me all of their trains, and Pearl was so happy to see me again (and make me her pillow). I missed hanging out with these kiddos last week; it was great seeing them again. It was an awesome week of babysitting.

I also started pet sitting for my aunt's friend. She has some sweet dogs. Their names are Nala and Big Red. I pet sat them once before YEARS ago (I think Big Red was kind of a puppy still). Nala is Big Red's mom, and Nala's 11 while Big Red is 9. Corliss and I enjoyed hanging out with them this weekend; we spent a long while sitting out on the deck with them Saturday evening--it felt so nice out (unlike earlier Saturday when it was super hot and humid). Saturday was a really nice, chill day.

Tsuki was a little nut, as per usual. I started calling her a Sour Patch Kid because she'll be all sweet, loving, and docile one minute, curled up in your lap, purring, and then start attacking your hand/arm/leg/foot the next. She can be rather vicious at times (and thankfully, she's still just a baby so it doesn't hurt that bad, but still ow). She's super adorable, and I feel like she's aware of that and uses her adorable face to plead her innocence. She's lots of fun to play with (even if she can get a tad aggressive at times). She's a goof.

Here are the paintings for this week (feel free to make recommendations for future art pieces--I'm open to suggestions):

My new anime shirts arrived, and I'm so excited for them! Hooray for new anime cat shirts and Sesshomaru! Kirara, Luna and Artemis, as well as kitty versions of Shoto, Bakugo, and Midoriya, hooray~ What's your favorite anime shirt that you have? Have any suggestions for which shirt I should get next?

Corliss and I hung out a lot this weekend; it was nice catching up! We shared great food and deep conversation. We spent a while just looking at voice actors (because she had mentioned that she was basically being a stalker to Shigure and Kureno's voice actors, creeping on all the different roles they've played). We kind of got swept up in that for a few hours. We looked through a variety of Fruits Basket and InuYasha voice actors and wound up on Tomoe's voice actor. It blew my mind that his voice actor was the same as France from Hetalia; it didn't want to compute. We started watching clips of France and other anime (I reminded her about the commercial from back in the day for InuYasha where Kagome and InuYasha were just shouting/saying each other's names--she had forgotten about it). It was pretty laid back, relaxing, and fun. Corliss and I continued writing and refining our short stories this week! It's always interesting to see what direction we and other authors take with the challenge prompts. Here's my story for the green light challenge: The Winds of Fate Decide. Corliss's story for the green light challenge is Linda Makes Contact. Aside from chilling and writing with Corliss, I spent a good deal of time this week reading. Fanfic for this week included: Heart Hacking, My Pet, Chained to You, Training With a Taiyoukai, Crooked Teeth, The Trouble With Love, A Beauty of Its Own, Haunted By You, Refuge, Automatic Stop, The Sweetest Kill, Eggs, and The Dandelion. Does anyone have recommendations for fun fanfic to read? I'm open to suggestions if you have them. Fanfic can be lots of fun to read (although not all of them "follow the cannon universe," but sometimes that's what makes them so much fun in the first place). We also started watching The Ancient Magus' Bride together, too. Corliss had been talking about some anime with a blonde "ice prince" that had some girl being summoned to be a hero or something. My brain thought that the anime she had discussed earlier was the same one as The Ancient Magus' Bride (because she had watched a couple of episodes of it already), but I was confused because it didn't seem like the same thing. That's because it's not (lol). Not sure what the other anime she was discussing is called, but I am curious about it. It seemed like it'd be fun to watch. I am intrigued by The Ancient Magus Bride, too, so I'll be finishing that sometime soon (not sure exactly when since there's baby sitting and pet sitting still). It seriously gave us lots of food for thought; it got rather deep. It was interesting because things we had been discussing in general previously ended up coming up in the show. For instance, the importance of perception. Rahab makes a comment about how blessings and curses are two faces on the same coin. Perception makes a world of difference. The names of characters also started some deep discussions between us. I can't wait to see how the story continues. There's some messed up incidences/events/characters in The Ancient Magus' Bride. I wish them well with their healing process and growth (seriously, there's some deep, DEEP trauma involved, and I think a lot of people out in the world mirror that trauma).

Please, take care of yourselves and be gentle with yourselves. Don't try to force and control things; it won't work well--it used to work fine, but the current times won't allow it, though. Corliss and I decided to listen to our intuition and just have a chill weekend with each other (we had originally planned to do all this stuff, but it didn't feel right, so we didn't; we had so much fun just chilling and relaxing with each other instead). Follow your intuition and listen to your heart. It's not inherently wrong to listen to the mind, but the mind doesn't know everything. Sometimes, like in The Ancient Magus' Bride, fear and despair end up taking over and completely warping your perception and love. It'll twist it so much, that it becomes unrecognizable and toxic. If we follow our hearts and listen to our intuition, though, love and perception can stay pure. All too often people end up burying their true thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in order to "fit in" with society; they don't want to be singled out. Having a sense of belonging isn't bad, but being authentic is important. Speak your truth; don't hide away your light. You're here for a reason; there are things only you can do. You're important and worthy of love. Be real, with yourself, with others, and with the world. In the end, everything will work out perfectly in divine time and divine order. It might not make sense now, but it's okay to learn and gain understanding as you go along. As humans, we don't know everything. It's okay to take it slow sometimes. Don't compare yourself to others--what works for others might not be the best fit for you because you're unique. Breathe. Rest. Have fun. Find your joy. Express yourself authentically. The universe has our backs; we're divinely supported. Always. It's going to be okay. No matter what happens, no matter how crazy the outside world seems, it'll all be okay in the end. Stay well and stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Some food for thought to consider:

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