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Happy Birthday, Corliss! Surprise "Snow Day"

I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm; stay safe! I know there are areas that were hit harder with snow than we were. Corliss and I got snowed in for a few days. It led to us spending the day together for her birthday, which wouldn't have happened without all the snow (we both were supposed to work on her birthday, so we had spent the weekend together to celebrate--it turned into a long weekend celebration due to snow lol). The snow was crazy but absolutely stunning. It took quite some time for the plow to come by and clean up the street so I could take her back home. We weren't upset, though; we enjoyed chatting, watching anime/movies, and reading fanfic. She had me talking to one of her friends from New York--he tried to say that we didn't know "good" anime because we liked InuYasha and Fruits Basket, and we stunned him with the reality of there not only being one piece of fanfic written by someone but that many, many people have authored many, many pieces of fanfic (LOL). It was like the world as he knew it was shattered.

After bringing her back home (much later than originally anticipated) and after being mindful of the snowy roads, Corliss wanted to give me the rest of my present that she kept forgetting to bring. She gave me an awesome Kyo Soma figure previously, and now I received a sweet Shoto Todoroki figure to join him! Lol she would give me Mr. Icy Hot.

The Otome Game hit home for me. It was like the universe was smacking me with some truths--it hit home. Kagome started taking on everything by herself, always self-sacrificing for the well-being and happiness of others. She started living at school rather than reaching out for help. Sesshomaru called her out on it, insisting, "I merely ask that should you find yourself endangered because of them, you will seek help next time." It was like the universe was calling me out--I felt it in my gut. I'm always quick to help others, but for whatever reason, I try to take on everything alone. I started working on accepting help offered and asking for help in the first place. It is not the easiest task for me, but if it's okay to help others, it's just as okay to be on the receiving end. Then for Kagome to be the one controlling the illusion without realizing it, it made me think about how the real world is constructed--the collective consciousness, the consensus, the fine line between destiny and free will, how your beliefs construct your reality, etc. Message received, universe. I will do my best to work on improving myself with this insight. Please, continue to help me grow into my best self.

I adored this week's episode of YashaHime; it was great to see Shiori again, and seeing the caring aspect of Setsuna for the village was great! I adore Setsuna; she's only second to Sesshomaru. They're a lot alike (so strange since they're father and daughter, I know lol). They're not the greatest at expressing care through words, but their actions speak VOLUMES. I can't wait to see how the story continues! I know some people aren't all that keen on YashaHime while others thoroughly enjoy it. I'm not keen on the fact that Setsuna, Towa, and Moroha grew up without their parents; it's not like YashaHime has no flaws. I watch it for enjoyment, though, and, moreover, I kind of consider it like how the Husband Catalogue fanfic played out--the YashaHime universe is one reality/dimension, but alternatives can exist, much like how there were different timelines in the Husband Catalogue depending on the choices made by Kagome (specifically who she chose as a partner). In this light, there can easily be a reality where the girls grew up with their parents. There can also be different pairings, different kids, etc. It doesn't have to be that deep. Enjoy what you want to. If you don't enjoy something, you don't have to partake in it. I, personally, enjoyed reading a lot of fanfic (as per usual lol). Fanfic I read this week: Forever Starts Tonight, Support for Limbo, The Otome Game (as mentioned previously), The Perfect Question, Mourning Glory, Wish Upon a Star, The Waiting (Is the Hardest Part), A Place to Belong, Silver & Gold, Stealing Away, Across the Stars, Something Wicked (This Way Comes), Before the Dawn, Kintsugi, The First Cut is the Deepest, Once Upon A Dream, Mr. Sandman, and Once in a Blue Moon. Sometimes the fanfic authors slay me; the timing and delivery is absolutely perfect lol. Corliss and I love sharing great new finds with each other. Sesshomaru was freaking epic in this scene:

Fluffy cat is over all the snow and the bitter cold. She'll see the sun, want to go outside, become confronted with all the snow, and then look longingly as if she was deceived. She's literally gone back and forth between the porch doors, as if in a matter of seconds the snow will vanish along with the cold, leaving her with her preferred outdoor experience. She gives up for a while, snuggling up indoors, before trying the same stunt again. She's so goofy but so adorable.

Here are the Perler bead creations for the week, including more rainbow tie dye animals as well as some presents for the kids I help out with online school (their grandfather isn't doing so hot right now, and this understandably has left them feeling all sorts of emotions):

Corliss sent me a message towards the end of this week; she was out of sorts. She had spent 15 minutes meditating, but she had been somewhere else for a day. She couldn't remember exactly where or the details, but she had this innate knowing that it had happened. It made me think of Your Name, and how the Grandmother had asked Taki (who was currently in Mitsuha's body), "You're dreaming now, aren't you?" I brought this up to her because she told me there weren't words to describe the experience. Once I reminded her of Your Name, she exclaimed that it was exactly like that. Musubi came up because she was remarking how her relationship with time was forever changed. I tried to remember exactly what Mitsuha's grandmother had said, but I couldn't quite grasp it. I tried searching online, and I found a Japanese clip: "Tying thread is Musubi. Connecting to people is Musubi. The flow of time is Musubi. They converge and take shape. They twist, tangle, sometimes unravel, then connect again.... Musubi. That's time." I definitely want to rewatch Your Name because I've always felt a strong connection to it (reminds me a bit of InuYasha and the traversing of time).

It felt vital to re-watch Your Name (not that anyone has to twist my arm to watch it--it's one of my all-time favorites). I recorded clips using my phone to send to Corliss to give her a refresher on the Musubi scenes. Not the best quality (there are likely better ways than recording your TV screen with your phone lol), but it gets the point across. Plus, now I have access the scenes at my fingertips (searching online didn't work out as anticipated).

It feels like the universe is prompting me to prepare for changes; the numbers are all pointing to endings, ascending energies, new beginnings, and change. I'm doing my best to keep my spirits high, but there are times when I end up feeling a bit lost, unsure of which next step to take. I know that the universe is full of abundance, but I end up a bit confused as to how to tap into that abundance. Financially speaking at the moment, I would not say that I'm all that tapped in. I know that's partially because I've set the boundary of not wearing a mask for employment (I feel smothered, can't breathe, and get major headaches). I continue creating art and uploading videos, but the abundance hasn't flowed through those avenues yet. We'll see how everything plays out; I'll keep chugging along, following my joy. I suspect that I'll end up needing to ask for help at some point, though--feels like that's the message the universe imparted with me from The Otome Game. I decided to ask for some clarity on what I should do with my new Isis Oracle Deck and pulled the Temple of Lapis Lazuli (one of my favorite crystals--gotta love the blue). So, from that I gather that I just need to focus on being authentically me, being genuine in all that I do, to help others heal and transform the world into a love-based community. Corliss has been receiving similar messages, as well--specifically that she is the solution. With how entrenched in fear some people are, we've got our work cut out for us, but that doesn't mean it should be difficult. Being our genuine selves ought to be easy. Corliss discussed her struggles, and I reminded her about an idea I had for her several months ago involving literal food for thought; she loves cooking, so why not make cooking videos while providing food for thought (conversations with her are always insightful and can easily go deep). We have light to share with the world, but we end up getting confused in how to best share it (lol makes me think about the text I sent April about how I felt like the universe was laughing at me but not in a mean way--in a caring way, as if to say, "Silly, humans. You're adorable. You make things complicated when they don't need to be."). Anyone else experience anything similar?

Things seem like they're amplifying and becoming more chaotic (the weather is a prime example--going to extremes with bitter cold and intense snowfall; Sandra from The Magnificent Future on YouTube mentioned how it went from negative 12 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius in a single week in Germany). It seems like more people are getting sick (the grandfather of the kids I help with online school isn't doing to well and struggling to breathe, leaving the family understandably emotional). Many people are in tight spots right now. For many things are rather dark right now. The pressure is getting rather high. These situations may prove to be the provisions needed for us to bloom--when a seed it planted, it is surrounded in darkness after all. Plus, in order for diamonds to form they need to undergo intense pressures. The process may not be the most enjoyable as we are going through it, but we'll be stronger and better off from experiencing them. Breathe. Take time to relax and rest. Stay true to yourself. Be genuine. Remember to smile. Remember gratitude. No matter how severe this storm we are currently experiencing, it will pass. You don't have to go through it alone, either; you can rely on your loved ones--they want to support you. It's okay to receive help (yes, this is a reminder for myself, too, lol). Nobody can do everything on their own. Together we're stronger--nothing can stop us when we work together. Let's keep love in our hearts as we create the future together. Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Some more food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought to consider:

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