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Change is Beautiful and a Powerful Teacher

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the change of the season. Tutoring this week was interesting. In science class they had to create a super hero/villain based off an element on the periodic table. I thought it was a pretty interesting concept. I have an idea for creating my own because it seems like a fun concept. He did well on various Kahoots that he participated in (he has a bit of a competitive streak and gets rather determined to get up on the podium). He also started his art rotation this week. He started just painting in his sketchbook; he seemed quick to tell me that he wasn't working on anything in particular, that there was no plan (I guess he expected to be judged based off of it, but I told him that it's fine to do abstract art and just create). The project that his class started seemed pretty interesting, too. They started off with a square piece of paper, folded it in half twice to make an 'x,' and cut alone one of the folds. They then began drawing; the focus of this project was their name, and they were allowed to follow wherever their creativity took them as long as it incorporated their name. He decided to do a Pikmin theme since the demo just came out for the game on the Nintendo Switch, and he's so excited about it. I decided to try it out and put my own spin on the project. I created a space background and made a 'pop up' drawing. I think it turned out pretty neat.

April took me to a nature park this week that I had never been to yet; it was a lot of fun. The fall foliage was stunning! Plus, people have been hiding things all over the park; it was lots of fun seeing what we could find! April and I discussed what we might want to hide because finding the surprises was so much fun--we want to share the experience with others.

The sky was epic this week. On the way to tutoring one morning, the sunrise painted the clouds incredible colors; they clouds looked so wispy and whimsical, too! The world is truly breathtaking; nature is so magical. Plus, fluffy cat has been hanging out with me all week. One night while creating some art I thought I heard her, but I didn't see her. I started looking for her and found her chilling on one of the chairs. She's a goof but so adorable!

More goodies arrived this week. I ordered a clear quartz orgone crystal pyramid for the kids I babysit since they thought the orgone crystal pyramids I had were so cool. They love all the other crystals I've brought them, so I know they'll enjoy this one, too. I also got a mini selenite crystal; it's tininess is pretty cute. In order to do one of my project ideas I needed some metallic markers, and they arrived this week! They're lots of fun to play with. I can't wait to try them out on various ideas. I also worked on sanding a geode with a technique John from Sunshine Daydream mentioned before. I'll need to get some more sandpaper to finish it since I've gone through all the sandpaper I have. It's coming along nicely, though; you can definitely see the crystal that was underneath now.

I had a nice surprise while I was chilling with my cat and watching anime this weekend. In the midst of watching Food Wars, someone rang the doorbell. I thought it was strange because we weren't expecting visitors or packages. I opened the door to find the girl I used to babysit all the time before she moved. I started babysitting her back when she was in 1st grade; she and her mom had just moved to the area back then. Their family was over an hour and a half away, and her mom was taking night classes. I'd watch her multiple times a week (sometimes daily) after we finished after care. She'd come over and have dinner with my family; she became much like a little sister to me. This continued for several years, but they ended up moving when she was in 4th grade. I was even invited to her mom's wedding. Last year/earlier this year we tried to get together multiple times to exchange gifts and all, but schedule conflicts kept occurring and then all the strangeness of mandates and fear hit. I hadn't seen her in quite some time, but she's gotten so tall! It's hard to believe that she's already in 5th grade! Turns out, they were in the area, and she begged her mom to stop by my place so she could give me a cupcake--they're so sweet! Her mom was telling me that they hadn't remembered exactly where I lived, but as they were driving by they saw my sticker car and got excited. It was so nice catching up with them! Her mom is actually going to start some special cooking classes. They said they would invite me over for dinner sometime. You don't always know what difference you make until later. Even though we had been apart for quite some time, they still thought of me and wanted to share their love and kindness. Sometimes society makes me question if I make a difference (I've had my fair share of bosses telling me that I'm not needed, that I'm not good enough, I'm not what they're looking for, etc.), but it's experiences and bonds like this that prove otherwise. It truly touches my soul that they were willing to find me to give me a little gift; it proves that the little things can make the biggest impact. I don't always see myself as being super special, but the connections and bonds I've made with others illuminate the impact that I have. I'm super grateful to be able to have these deep connections with others.

As I mentioned, I watched Food Wars this week. I had watched the first two seasons before, but Corliss mentioned that there were five seasons. It'd had been awhile since I watched the first two seasons, so I rewatched them for a refresher (I definitely didn't remember everything that happened). Food Wars really struck a cord with what's going on in the world right now. Tradition tends to dictate what people believe is possible. It can skew what people try to accomplish and the effort they put forth. People can let others' prestige, skills, and/or resources intimidate them, leading them to believe a certain feat or goal is impossible. I feel we can learn a lot from Soma. He is never afraid to give it his all. Others might hold themselves back in fear of failure, but he never lets the possibility of failure stop him. At the very beginning of the series he has nearly 500 consecutive losses to his father, but he still continues to challenge his dad, believing in his opportunity to finally beat his father in a bout of cooking. Soma's a bright light in the midst of chaos. Time and time again, he'll rise up from defeat and not let a "failure" crush him. He uses each loss as an opportunity to learn and grow. Each experiences propels him forward. He acts as a powerful catalyst of change, shaking up what people believe is possible. His way of cooking, thinking, and living is pretty unconventional, especially by Totsuki's standards. He ends up provoking others and stirring the pot. His unique perspective helps awaken others' passions and lights plenty competitive fires.

The story arcs from Food Wars have parallels to what's happening now, too. The arc featuring "Central" illustrates the impact of control, corruption, and brainwashing. It didn't take long for the vast majority of the academy to completely get swept away with the ideology of the group and have their thinking and behavior warped. It really doesn't take all that long for people to get ensnared by pretty words that sound promising. The promise was to create a place where all chefs were safe, creating astounding foods guaranteed--a "garden of Eden," so to speak. That's not necessarily wrong to want. The safety was very wrapped up in control, though. Ultimate control was in the power of a select few--the select few dictates what is acceptable and what is not. The select few eliminated any kind of freedom or creativity. Sure, safety is nice, but there's no way to grow if you stay nestled in your comfort zone forever. The concepts of "good" and "bad" aren't so clear-cut, though. The means Central used I can't condone, but the intent behind their actions (mostly--I can think of one individual's actions I can't get behind) aren't inherently bad. They were doing the best they knew how and were looking for happiness in a way they understood. Past experiences influenced how they viewed the world. Perception really does create reality. I can't fault them for wanting to change the world based off the harm the current system has caused to those they care about. They could have gone about it in different ways, but they took the path they could see. Plus, without those involved with Central playing their roles, the growth and learning the rebels experienced never would have occurred. It definitely emphasizes how there are no accidents or coincidences in the universe; everything has meaning and purpose. Egos undergo ego deaths. There's incredible character development and growth. The characters are human and relatable. There's shadow work and healing from childhood trauma. The characters' bonds and relations provide opportunities for growth and development.

If you haven't seen Food Wars before, I highly recommend it. It feels like Food Wars is a message from the universe telling me to enjoy what I do and not let fear stop me; fear (and fear of failure) will only prevent us from actually living. Keep pushing forward. Try viewing things in a different light. Don't be afraid to try and create something new. Even if you "fail," you can learn so much and gain the experience you'll need later on. Each of your experiences build off one another and lead to incredible feats if you allow it. Have fun and don't settle. There are infinite possibilities. You can surpass any limit if you keep an open mind; if you believe it's hopeless, then it will be so. You are powerful. You can surpass any and all of your limits. It might take longer than you expect, or it could happen in what feels like a blink of the eye. Don't sell yourself short. Even if it feels like "the whole world" is against you, follow your heart; the universe has your back and supports you. Consider what it is that you really want to do, try, learn, experience, and accomplish. Set out to make it your reality. Stay blessed, everyone; love and light~

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