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Another Year Wiser and Happy New Moon in Sagittarius!

I hope everyone is doing well and that the energies are treating you kindly! It's been a fairly busy and cold week here. It's just had me wanting to remain indoors and sleep more; Tsuki agrees. It was also my birthday this week, so that was a special occasion (not that I actually ended up doing much--just the normal work and relaxation type stuff). Energies have been feeling weird (my friends have concurred), which could be in part to the recent new moon in Sagittarius. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to check out the videos below:

I didn't actually get much for my birthday; the family I babysit/tutor for gave me a gift card (their mom informed me that she was miffed that the boys didn't ask what I wanted lol). My mom also got me a super snuggly Sesshomaru sweater-hoodie thing. It's super warm and cozy, so I'll definitely stay warm all winter long. Tsuki will probably try stealing it from me at some point, too.

It was challenging emerging from my cozy cocoon of blankets Monday morning. Dream recall was murky, but there was something about being at a park. There was some kind of park guardian. There was also this questionable character that was gathering together all of the various people to use them. Not sure what that was about. At one point people from my elementary school were at the park, gathered at some picnic tables. They had various foods there, such as peanuts. Not sure what the significance was, but that's all I could remember.

It was extremely challenging getting up Tuesday morning, too, as it was still bitterly cold. The darkness and cold makes it almost impossible to get up. I almost accidentally fell back asleep. Dream recall was so muddled, and I couldn't remember specific details.

It was tempting to stay in the warmth of my comfy blankets and fall back asleep on Wednesday, although I was nearly as tired as the previous two days, which was a plus. A lot happened in my dream, but details were really muddled. From what I could remember, there was something about being in a store with people. Someone had tied these balloons to a glass milk container (the Oberweis kind) for my aunt, but the lid was messed up and somehow broke off, losing the balloons. We went to exchange it out. There was a baby happy to see me, that acted like it knew me, but I'm not sure who it was. There was a frustrated dad chasing after this group of rambunctious kids. There were some kind of deal on food (and maybe popcorn?). Nailing specific details was tricky; a lot more happen, but it was veiled in a thick haze, so that's all I could remember once awake.

I almost fell back asleep on accident Thursday morning; it was quite the challenge waking and getting up. Thankfully, my double-alarm system saved my butt, so I wasn't late. My dream recall was pretty fuzzy. There was something about going out and stopping by this one creativity/craft store. It had a really unique and unusual name, but I just couldn't remember what it was when I woke up. In the dream I ended up at some kind of museum/exhibit for some reason. Pretty sure April ended up being there. Details got really muddled. There was something about sharks, too, but specifics got so hazy. Felt like a lot happened, but that's all I could remember once I woke up.

It was challenging waking and getting up Friday morning, as it was so tempting to stay snuggled in bed and go back to sleep. Was feeling pretty groggy when I woke up, and dream details were extremely fuzzy. It felt like a lot happened, but I couldn't remember precisely what other than at one point I was at some kind of mall for whatever reason. I didn't get nearly enough sleep Friday night/Saturday morning, as my mom's friend needed me to pet sit last minute for her. She swore her newest dog sleeps through the night now, but she just ended up barking after midnight and didn't stop until like 2:30 am. I made sure she was fine (i.e. not a potty emergency), but she just kept barking. It was frustrating, to say the least. It let me super lethargic and just wanting sleep on Saturday. My dream recall was super hazy, but there was something about hanging out with April and Iris. Not sure what we did, but they did come over to hang out with me and the dogs in the waking world, which was nice.

I was able to sleep in this morning, but sleep was still wonky. I kept waking up, convinced that it was super late, but it wasn't. Not sure what that was about, but it left me feeling pretty groggy. My dream recall was pretty hazy (likely because I kept waking up), but it felt like a lot happened. The little that I can remember was that at one point there was something about a bunch of snowballs for some reason, and at some other point I was at a school. I was supposed to go to some school meeting at 1pm for some reason (not sure what it was about), and this one teacher was checking on their class, making sure they were doing their assignments before they left. More definitely happened, but it was veiled behind a thick haze.

It was the boys' last full week of school before winter break, and I can tell they're more than ready for it. I really don't blame them. School can be quite demanding and overwhelming at times. I'm sure they'll be excited for the shorter week next week as well as the fact that each school day is a half day. Hopefully, their puppy won't tear up and eat anything else (he decided to do that on my birthday, and we returned to their home after school to find shreds of bed-fluff everywhere). He has a super sensitive stomach, so he's been feeling it, too. Hopefully, they'll have a peaceful, relaxing break--they have more than earned it.

Tsuki had a fairly normal week, enjoying getting cozy inside while it's bitterly cold outside. She's been having lots of fun playing with gift bags, tissue paper, and gift wrap (she's claimed my empty birthday bag as her own--she hasn't claimed my new Sesshomaru sweater-hoodie thing yet, but I can easily see her doing so in the future). Tsuki enjoyed being cozy by the fire, playing in boxes, lounging on her window shelf, snoozing on the couch, napping on the chair, engaging in sneak attacks and antics, and just being her typical, goofy self. She was bummed out that I had some last minute pet sitting come up Friday and Saturday, but she was happy to have me back home. It's also good to be home; there's no place like home with Tsuki!

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

This week I created more new content for Creativity Chronicles and YouTube shorts! Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts!

 New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

As the holiday season heats up and the year comes to a close, make sure to make time for yourself as well as self-care. This time of year always seems to get so busy and hectic, so don't forget about tending to yourself and your own needs. You matter. You deserve joy, laughter, peace, and love. Sure, it's important to show others that you care, but you need to show yourself some TLC, too. Neglecting yourself just to be kind to others isn't true kindness when that's all you ever do; remember to show yourself kindness, too. Take some time to do what you enjoy, whether that be watching a good anime, being creative, snuggling with your cat, or whatever else your favorite thing to do is. It will help replenish and rejuvenate your soul. And, once you've refreshed yourself, you'll be ready to tackle everything else life throws your way. Remember to be gentle with yourself, as you're doing the best you can. It's okay to go at your own pace and do what works best for you. You're the only you there is, so your life doesn't have to look like anyone else's. You do you. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and holiday season!

Food for thought for the week:

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